From Military Child to Military Member

Laura went from military child to military member. She joined the Navy through the Naval Academy and served 31 years retiring at the rank of Captain. Highlights of her career include serving as the first Ship’s Intelligence Officer and receiving personal recognition from President Bush (41) for her efforts as the Commissioning Coordinator for the […]

Serving as a Nurse during Desert Storm

Janet Hudson joined the U.S. Air Force in 1986 and deployed as a nurse during Desert Storm. She shared about her experience of joining the Air Force, deploying for Desert Storm and then becoming a nurse anesthetist for her last few years in the Air Force. After around 12 years of service she left the […]

How Culture Affects the Military

When you think about the military you often think about the how the culture affects the military. You can see how the culture had an impact on Rachel and her experience in the military. Boot camp felt watered down because of the culture around military sexual assault. She wanted to be pushed hard and felt […]

Veterans for Financial Freedom: Teaching Veterans to Invest with Zero

This article was created in partnership with Veterans for Financial Freedom The #1 Networking Event for Veterans looking to grow their net worth with no money down! You don’t need money. You need KNOWLEDGE, NETWORK, and ACTION. Veterans For Financial Freedom (VFF) Events are the number one place to be for our nation’s heroes seeking […]

Veterans For Financial Freedom

This episode was created in partnership with Veterans for Financial Freedom Veterans For Financial Freedom (VFF) Events is all about community. They are also the number one place to be for our nation’s heroes seeking Financial Freedom. VFF is focused on helping veterans, first responders, fire fighters, law enforcement and their families through their full […]

Veterans History Project

This week on the podcast I’m excited to be talking to Monica Mohindra. She is the Director of the Veterans History Project (VHP) of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. In this episode, we focus on VHP. VHP is highlighting the importance of collecting veterans stories. We also discussed how the information collected […]

How the military opened the door to the future

Angela and her family needed something new. The military opened the door to her families future. Angela was a single mom and couldn’t find a way to provide for her family. She and her husband were trying to figure out what was next and the military became an option. Initially, he was going to join […]

Finding healing and hope

Kimberly is finding healing and hope through her Warrior’s Path to Healing journal series. She has channeled her experiences in the military to develop a self-help tool for other survivors. We met at the Women Veteran Alliance Unconference in October where she was a finalist for the Melissa A. Washington Small Business Award. Kimberly started […]

The Challenge of Getting Mental Health Help

Watching her eyes grow wide in terror stopped me mid sentence. Had what I said been really terrifying? I had just recommended she reach out to Cohen Veterans Network to get mental health help and utilize their free counseling services for post 9/11 veterans and their family. And even though I can’t put into words […]