How Culture Affects the Military

When you think about the military you often think about the how the culture affects the military. You can see how the culture had an impact on Rachel and her experience in the military. Boot camp felt watered down because of the culture around military sexual assault. She wanted to be pushed hard and felt […]

Veterans History Project

This week on the podcast I’m excited to be talking to Monica Mohindra. She is the Director of the¬†Veterans History Project (VHP) of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. In this episode, we focus on VHP. VHP is highlighting the importance of collecting veterans stories. We also discussed how the information collected […]

The Challenge of Deployment

Lauren Kay shared the challenge of deployment in her memoir The Fine Art of Camouflage. Lauren’s decision to join the military was inspired by her moms service during Desert Storm and the events of September 11th. Those two things led her to look into the military and she ended up gaining her commission through the […]

Importance of Veterans Getting Outside

This week my guest is Vedia Barnett. She is the Senior Campaign¬†Representative for Sierra Club Military Outdoors. Sierra Club is this week’s sponsored. And I am so excited to share not only about Vedia time in the Air Force but also about the work she is doing today to help eliminate barriers for veterans getting […]

Finding help after a miscarriage

The challenge of reaching out for help after a miscarriage while serving in the military can be a real struggle. But finding that help can change your life for the better. Wendi served in the Army and she had a miscarriage at twenty weeks. The experience led her to hate her body and herself. She […]

Giving back through Yoga and Meditation

Sherrell has taken her experience from serving in the military to start her own business focused on Yoga and Meditation. When Sherrell left the military she was struggling with some medical issues and was told about how yoga could help her. Since then she has continued to learn about Yoga and meditation and today she […]

Going through Air Force Basic Training

Taylor joined the Air Force in 2020 and completed Air Force Basic Training during the pandemic. She shares what her first year of being on active duty was like and what she has planned for her future. We also discussed some of the benefits the military provides like education, training, and the new blended retirement […]