How Culture Affects the Military

When you think about the military you often think about the how the culture affects the military. You can see how the culture had an impact on Rachel and her experience in the military. Boot camp felt watered down because of the culture around military sexual assault. She wanted to be pushed hard and felt […]

Finding healing and hope

Kimberly is finding healing and hope through her Warrior’s Path to Healing journal series. She has channeled her experiences in the military to develop a self-help tool for other survivors. We met at the Women Veteran Alliance Unconference in October where she was a finalist for the Melissa A. Washington Small Business Award. Kimberly started […]

The Challenge of Getting Mental Health Help

Watching her eyes grow wide in terror stopped me mid sentence. Had what I said been really terrifying? I had just recommended she reach out to Cohen Veterans Network to get mental health help and utilize their free counseling services for post 9/11 veterans and their family. And even though I can’t put into words […]

Family Care Plan Challenges

Sometimes soldiers are forced to leave the military because of family care plan issues. This wouldn’t be a problem if this standard was enacted across the board the same for everyone. But instead sometimes special circumstances are allowed for some people but not for others. This is what Melissa experienced. On her fourth deployment in […]

Know your goals in the Navy

Darlene had to focus know her goals in the Navy to continue moving forward and have a successful career. She joined the Navy to fly jets. But by the time she graduated she shifted her focus and began a career in Personnel. She fell in love with leadership and it helped drive her career and […]

Sharing MST stories

Rachelle is sharing MST stories on her new podcast Silenced Voices. She joined the Air Force because of her mom. It was her service in the military that inspired Rachelle to join and serve. She served as a Public Affairs Officer in the Air Force. One of the things we discussed how the military worked […]

Building a safe culture at work

Aleha is working to create a safe culture at work through her company Work Culture Works. She grew up an Army brat and swore she would never join the military. Then after high school graduation her mom said it was time to move out. And the military was the best option and led her to […]

Joining the military later in life

Suzanne started looking into joining the military later in life. She was 26 when she joined ROTC and then commissioned two years later the age of 28. Because of this she often became the mother hen of the group and was entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of others. She ended up leaving the […]

The Importance of Advocating for Yourself

A big theme of this episode of Women of the Military podcast is the importance of advocating for yourself. Sometimes it can feel like you don’t have options when you are in but you have more power than you think. Claire joined the Army when she was 22. She was looking for something different and […]