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Are you looking to get your product and service in front of the Women of the Military audience? Become a Women of the Military sponsor today. Women of the Military podcast continues to grow at an astounding rate with a year-over-year growth rate in 2021 of 64%. The demand to hear the stories of military women continues to grow.

The mission of the Women of the Military podcast is to elevate the stories of military women. Every woman who serves in the military has a story to share. The goal of the podcast is to give women a safe space to share their stories. The podcast also works to elevate the voices of military women. To change the perspective of women who serve in the military. When you partner with Women of the Military you empower women to share their stories.

Women of the Military shares stories of women from every branch and rank. Active duty, National Guard, and Reserve stories. The stories of women help encourage and inspire the next generation of military women to serve. The podcast does this, by helping young women get their questions about military life answered. Airman to Mom also provides resources for young women through free guides and a YouTube channel. The goal is to help them gain advice and knowledge to help them as they join the military. Hearing the real stories of women.

Women of the Military Podcast Sponsor Opportunities:

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Updated September 1, 2022

Two “competing” companies cannot be featured in the same month. (ie. two people in the health/fitness industry cannot be featured in the same month)
Airman to Mom LLC reserves the right to turn away any sponsorships. Women of the Military podcast works to empower military women.
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You can support Women of the Military podcast by becoming a sponsor. If you have a business that targets women you need to get connected with Amanda to learn more about getting your business in front of her audience. #podcast #military #women