What is it like to be a military linguist?

Jessica wanted to be a military linguist in the Navy but by a turn of events related to an issue around a security clearance, she got reassigned to Aviation Admin in the middle of her Boot Camp training. Surprisingly the career field of being an Aviation Admin gave her opportunities to travel and learn about […]

Joining the Coast Guard in a recession

Are you considering joining the Coast Gaurd? Caroline is sharing her experience of joining the Coast Gaurd in 2009. She was about to graduate from college and with the recession, there were not a lot of options for careers. So she decided to join the Coast Guard. Her plan was to work in Intelligence. But […]

What can you gain from military service

One way to learn about the military is by walking up to people in uniform and asking them. And that is what Trish Alegre-Smith did. In this interview, we dive into what you can gain from military service through hearing Trish’s experience. And while the military builds character and often pushes you beyond what you […]

Rock the Boat – Rear Admiral Danelle Barrett

Retired Rear Admiral Danelle Barrett took her 30 years of military experience and put them into her book Rock the Boat. In her book, she talks about the lessons she has learned from her military career while also including real stories from her time in the military. I enjoyed getting a chance to have her as […]

The few of the few – A female Sergeant Major

What is it like to be a female Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps? Check out this week’s episode of the Women of the Military podcast with retired Sergeant Major Robin Fortner. She served in the Marine Corps for thirty years, enlisting the summer before Desert Storm kicked off. We talked about how the experience […]

Hear Iraq War Stories from a female combat veteran

Most often when Iraq War stories are told they are from a male veteran’s perspective. In Jennifer’s book, Calmed she writes not only her story but includes her husband’s perspective of what being deployed together was like. When Jennifer put on her brother’s Marine Corps uniform she stood a little taller. It inspired her to […]

Air Force Public Affairs Officer Experience

Air Force Public Affairs Officer Experience

Sometimes the path to a military career isn’t straightforward. And that is what happened in Elizabeth’s journey to becoming an Air Force Public Affairs Officer. Elizabeth had dreams that began when she was young watching her dad fly in the Air Force. She applied to the Air Force Academy but didn’t get in and instead […]

Women Veterans United – Uniting women

Anna Maria is running an organization to help fight for change for women veterans. She wants to build a community for women when they leave the service and created Women Veterans United. She shared her experience of serving in the Australian Army on this week’s interview of the Women of the Military podcast and talked […]

Ripple Effects of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Ripple Effects of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Lorraine wanted to escape her hometown and saw the military as an option. Even though she was a member of the LGBQT+ community and knew Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a regulation in place she determined she still wanted to serve. Don’t ask, don’t tell was repealed on September 20, 2011, less than a year […]

Transitioning out of the military: Without regrets

Transitioning out of the military: Without regrets

Transitioning out of the military: Without regrets by Cynthia Cline My Air Force career, 7 years in the making, was completely finished in a matter of minutes. I turned in my completed military separation checklists, signed a few papers, and walked out of the office officially on terminal leave.  I expected a weight to be […]