Sharing stories to help with military transition

Theresa is sharing stories of military service members along with tools she has learned to help others as they transition out of the military. She also wants to share stories to help others outside of the military understand the experience of those who have served in the military. You can order her book Beyond the […]

Finances and the Military

It is so important to talk about finances and the military as you begin your journey in the military. There is no one right piece of advice to help you in your journey. And that is why I’m excited to be talking about finances this week with Garrett Sorenson this week on the podcast. We […]

Asking Questions to Find Your Next Step

The biggest takeaway from this episode is how critical asking questions to find your next step forward is. Tahina Montoya is currently serving in the Air Force Reserves and shares her experience in the military. Her path to the military started by joining Jr Reserve Officer Training Corps program in high school mainly because people […]

Going through Air Force Basic Training

Taylor joined the Air Force in 2020 and completed Air Force Basic Training during the pandemic. She shares what her first year of being on active duty was like and what she has planned for her future. We also discussed some of the benefits the military provides like education, training, and the new blended retirement […]

What is it like to be a military linguist?

Jessica wanted to be a military linguist in the Navy but by a turn of events related to an issue around a security clearance, she got reassigned to Aviation Admin in the middle of her Boot Camp training. Surprisingly the career field of being an Aviation Admin gave her opportunities to travel and learn about […]

From the Army to Veteran Owned Small Business

How can you take the skills the military taught you and use them as a veteran-owned small business? Beth served in the Army for ten years. She bounced around from a few different jobs after completing a job and ended up back in Minnesota so she could be close to her family. After her first […]

Rock the Boat – Rear Admiral Danelle Barrett

Retired Rear Admiral Danelle Barrett took her 30 years of military experience and put them into her book Rock the Boat.┬áIn her book, she talks about the lessons she has learned from her military career while also including real stories from her time in the military. I enjoyed getting a chance to have her as […]

Serving as an Army Pathfinder in the National Guard

Serving as an Army Pathfinder in the National Guard

What does it take to be an Army Pathfinder? Kelly White graduated from Army Pathfinder School to become the only woman in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard to hold the certification. She began her career with the PA National Guard in 2009 after a year of school. Today she continues to serve alongside her husband […]

Empowered Women Empower Women: Boss Lady Bio

Empowered Women Empower Women: Boss Lady Bio

This post was sponsored by Mission Entrepreneur Empowered women empower women. This is the theme of this week’s episode with Jen Griswold. Jen is an Air Force Academy graduate, veteran, mom, and multi-business owner. She talks about how the military opened doors to her future and how she used entrepreneurship to fill the void in […]