Follow your interests in the military

Often when you get career advice in the military it isn’t to follow your interests and passion. But Nancy’s career in the military is marked by her following what she found interesting and then if it didn’t fit trying something new. These choices led her to be a Flight Test Engineer and changed the course […]

The Power of Military Women Stories

This week on Women of the Military podcast we are celebrating the power of military women stories with the release of episode 250! I am so excited to share this episode with you. Five of my amazing past podcast guest were able to join me for this fun conversation. We highlighted the importance of sharing […]

Serving in Preventative Medicine as a Career in the Army

Sueann learned about the career field of preventative medicine health career field when she joined the Army. And while she could have went into he military as an officer she didn’t know about that path. But once she arrived at her first assignment the Captain she was working for helped her get her direct commission […]

What is it like to be a speechwriter in the military?

While being a speechwriter in the military is just one small piece of Susan career in the Air Force she shares about that experience helped shape where she is today. She attended the Air Force academy and then after graduation had the opportunity to get her masters at Harvard. Then she did a tour in […]

Helping the next generation of service members

Lisa Hillhouse served in the Air Force. Today she works as Independent Educational Consultant and has the opportunity to help the next generation of service members as they consider the military. She joined the Air Force through the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. And she served as a Logistic Officer and then Personalist. She […]

Torch Warrior Wear by Haley McClain Hill

Haley serve in the Air Force and today she is running Torch Warrior Wear. During her time on active duty she also worked as a cheerleader for both the San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons. She decided to leave the Air Force and start her new path after meeting her boyfriend and seeing opportunities […]

Benefits of joining the military

It was the benefits of joining the military that drew Lindsey to the Army. Lindsay Helm is a former Information Technology Specialist in the United States Army. Shortly after leaving the Army, and working in corporate America for companies such as Amazon, Intuit, and the DOD, she realized a gap in education and retention for […]

Importance of Veterans Getting Outside

This week my guest is Vedia Barnett. She is the Senior Campaign¬†Representative for Sierra Club Military Outdoors. Sierra Club is this week’s sponsored. And I am so excited to share not only about Vedia time in the Air Force but also about the work she is doing today to help eliminate barriers for veterans getting […]

Changing how we look at work

Dr Ellen Nelson is working to change how we look at work. Her career started in the New Zealand Army but today she is working to change how we look at work. When she was nine years old she saw a recruiting campaign by the military and it convinced her to join. And she stuck […]

Sharing stories to help with military transition

Theresa is sharing stories of military service members along with tools she has learned to help others as they transition out of the military. She also wants to share stories to help others outside of the military understand the experience of those who have served in the military. You can order her book Beyond the […]