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A Girl’s Guide to Military Service: Selecting Your Specialty, Preparing for Success, Thriving in Military Life

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal Winner Teen: Non Fiction
IPBA Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal Winner: Career and Business

Amanda Huffman, Air Force veteran and host of Women of the Military podcast, wrote A Girl’s Guide to Military Service: Selecting Your Specialty, Preparing for Success, Thriving in Military Life to answer these questions and more.

“I wanted to write specifically for women,” says Amanda. “While there are guides that cover the different branches, ways to serve, and preparing for military life, I wanted to offer deeper advice and feedback, from me and other women who have served, on what it is like to be a woman in the military.”

For any young woman considering a job or career in the military.

With information, tips, and perspective gathered from a variety of women who serve, this introductory guide will help you:

  • Discern if military service is the right choice for you
  • Evaluate enlisting or commissioning as an officer
  • Select a service branch and career field
  • Prepare for training, mentally and physically
  • Integrate personal life, relationships, and motherhood with military service
  • Manage stress and increasing mental toughness
  • Navigate unique challenges as a woman in the military
  • Thrive in your military career!

Applicable for enlisted and officer careers in any US Armed Forces service branch and type of service commitment, including:

  • Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Space Force
  • Active duty, National Guard, Reserves

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Hear what people are saying

“… a solid, factual, and practical guide to help young women make a major life decision with confidence. … This guide will make certain every young woman considering military service … will be prepared to succeed, no matter what choice she makes. Strongly recommended.”
—Mari K. Eder, Major General, US Army (Ret)

“… Amanda shares advice through her own personal experience as a former Air Force officer. …  a perfect guide to help any woman considering life in uniform get straight talk on how it all works …”
—Jose Velazquez, Sergeant Major, US Army Public Affairs (Ret)

“… a how-to guide to join the military from a female service member’s perspective, providing guidance and resources from inception through planning for the end of your military career. … On a scale of 1 to 10, I definitely give this book a 10!should be required reading for every young woman pondering the thought of a military lifestyle.”
—Danielle De Leon Guerrero, US Air Force veteran, founder of Served Like HER, Inc.

“… From detailing the all-important questions young women should ask themselves to decide if military service is right for them, to expertly explaining the personalities and missions of each service branch … the critical difference between serving as a commissioned officer versus enlisting after high school … plus insight into the realities of workplace dynamics when you’re the only woman (or one of a handful) in the unit … a must-have resource …”
—Graciela Tiscareño-Sato, US Air Force veteran, author of B.R.A.N.D. Before Your Resumé

“Wow! … this book is incredibly informative and real! Transparency and authentic viewpoints are needed (and highly desired) when a young woman is making the decision to join the service. … really great insights by a woman veteran … I highly recommend this book to any young woman, and her family members, who are looking for real insights on considering joining the service. …”
—Destinee Prete, PhD, US Army veteran, president of We2AreVets

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