Diving into Military Culture

What can we learn about military culture from a cult survivor? Check out Daniella Mestyanek Young’s experience of growing up in a cult, bootstrapping her way through high school and college, serving in the military, and now the work she does around diving deep into the culture. Her book Uncultured being released in Fall 2022 […]

A Female Army Helicopter Pilot

Shannon served as an Army Helicopter pilot. She was one of the first women to fill the role as an Apache Helicopter pilot as women were not allowed to serve in combat aircraft until 1993. Today, she takes the lessons she learned from the cockpit and corporate life as an author and speaker. Her newest […]

Coast Guard Academy: from Cadet to Superintendent

Coast Guard Academy: from Cadet to Superintendent

What lessons can you learn from a forty-year career in the Coast Guard? Sandy began her military career at the Coast Guard Academy and near the end of her career, she was the Superintendent for the Coast Guard Academy. Check out pieces of Sandra Stosz story and the advice and wisdom she has learned in […]

Beyond Thank You for Your Service

How do we bridge the gap between service members and civilians? One way to do this is through the work Kathy Gallowitz is doing by helping teach civilians to be veteran champions. But this work actually goes beyond reaching civilians. Military members also need to be willing to connect with civilians too. Beyond Thank You […]

Lessons from a Silver Star Recipient: Monica Lin Brown

By Cynthia Cline Back in the ages, when people actually read paper newspapers, I came across a story of a female Army medic, Monica Lin Brown, who saved the lives of two critically injured soldiers. At the time, I had considered joining the military but didn’t think too much about it. My father served before […]

A Military Nurse in the Army

A Military Nurse in the Army

What is it like to be a military nurse? Check out Tif Marcelo’s story of serving in the Army as a military nurse. The military paid her tuition to become a nurse through an ROTC scholarship. Today she is a fiction author and in her newest book, she highlights the stories of military spouses. A […]

The Weight of Military Stereotypes on Women Veterans

Should I be angry that I’m being stereotyped? Or proud that I’m defying the military stereotypes? by Marissa Rock Here are five military stereotypes that women veterans face during and after their service: All veterans are men Even though our society is well aware by now that women can be veterans, it still doesn’t erase […]