Girl’s Guide to the Military

Are you considering military service? Check out a Girl’s Guide to the Military. It was created to help you as you considering joining the military. This guide was created with you in mind. Although I served in the Air Force I know that each branch of the military has its own unique advantages and challenges. I want to help prepare you as you join the military. I took the advice and information I learned from my time in the military along with the information I have gathered in my over 150 Women of the Military podcast episodes to answer all your questions and help you in your journey to military service. Get your free guide today.

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Women of the Military podcast:

women of the military saluteOn the Women of the Military podcast, we tackle issues that real women face while serving in the military. Each interview starts with why the guest decided to join the military, covers some of the highlights of her military career and transition out of the military (if applicable), and ends with the advice she would give to the next generation of military women.

Women of the Military have had guests from five of the branches of the military, with women who have served a few years to women who retired. We cover issues like Military Sexual Trauma/Harassment, mental health, pregnancy, miscarriage, postpartum depressions, being a woman in the military, balancing a career and family, leaving the military, and much more.

Women of the Military podcast also has featured podcast episodes to help answer your questions about military life.

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Pros and Cons of Military Service – Episode 134

Seven things I wish I would have known before joining – Episode 42

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