Looking for community with women veteran

When Danielle left the military she felt alone and was looking for a community with women veterans. So, she created her non-profit Served Like HER. Once she connected with other veterans she began to learn about other women veteran organizations that supported her in the work that she was doing. And she continues to work […]

Aviation Resource Management with Michelle Davis

What is a career in Aviation Resource Management like? This week my guest talks about her career as an aviation resource manager and other things she experienced. She decided to join the military because she wanted to go to college and knew that her parents couldn’t support her financially to attend college. She ended up […]

Finding help after a miscarriage

The challenge of reaching out for help after a miscarriage while serving in the military can be a real struggle. But finding that help can change your life for the better. Wendi served in the Army and she had a miscarriage at twenty weeks. The experience led her to hate her body and herself. She […]

Military Moms May Inspire Military Service

Does the legacy of service extend from one generation to the next? Do military moms inspire their children to serve in the military? I have always wanted to do a podcast episode with a mom and daughter who served in the military to talk about these questions and I’m excited to have Lita Tomas and […]

A World War II Navy Nurse’s Story

Helen Siragusa shares her story this week as a World War II Navy Nurse. She entered the Navy in January 1945 and left in August of 1952 and stayed in the Reserves for three more years. She had just begun nursing school when Pearl Harbor happened. Her brothers joined the Navy and she walked past […]

Giving back through Yoga and Meditation

Sherrell has taken her experience from serving in the military to start her own business focused on Yoga and Meditation. When Sherrell left the military she was struggling with some medical issues and was told about how yoga could help her. Since then she has continued to learn about Yoga and meditation and today she […]

Leaving the military at 17 years

Sometimes the military does not take care of the people who serve in the military and they end up leaving the military at 17 years. Lisa had a great experience and gained so much from her service. But when she had an allergic reaction to both of her anthrax vaccines she decided it was time […]

What does a military social worker do?

What does a military social worker do? Hear Kara’s story. She was in the Air Force for 13 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and continues to serve in the Reserves. She found the Air Force while looking for a job. Even though she was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she struggled to find […]