PRT Missions (Part 4)

The Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) went on missions “outside the wire” (off base) for many different reasons.  Most often the PRT Engineers had some part to play in whatever PRT missions happened.   The main reason the PRT Engineers had to go off base was to complete site visits of the various projects located throughout […]

31 Days of Military Life

31 Days of Military Life

I have decided to be a part of the 31 days of writing, which means writing every day in October. The theme for me was easy being a military veteran and spouse “31 Days of Military Life.” The topic needed to be broad and narrow. I hope I can share my insights into what being […]

Afghanistan Through Pictures: A Peek Inside

Afghanistan Through Pictures: A  Peek Inside

I decided a fun way to share my deployment would be through sharing Afghanistan through pictures. At the time I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have a Public Affairs (PA) team with us on every mission. I have so many pictures from my deployment. Many of my friends have less than twenty pictures […]