Leaving the military at 17 years

Sometimes the military does not take care of the people who serve in the military and they end up leaving the military at 17 years. Lisa had a great experience and gained so much from her service. But when she had an allergic reaction to both of her anthrax vaccines she decided it was time […]

What does a military social worker do?

What does a military social worker do? Hear Kara’s story. She was in the Air Force for 13 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and continues to serve in the Reserves. She found the Air Force while looking for a job. Even though she was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she struggled to find […]

Supporting Women Veterans through Women Veterans Alliance

Melissa went from serving in the Navy to supporting women veterans. Melissa joined the Navy because she was looking for something new. She ended up becoming a supply troop and while at A-School met her future husband. He went to the West Coast and she went to the East Coast. Through cards, letters, and phone […]

Does the military build character?

Does the military build character? Adrienne was headstrong and looking for independence. She decided to join the Air Force as a way to support herself but as someone who does not like rules, she found the breakdown process difficult. At boot camp, she quickly volunteered to be dorm monitor and then was quickly fired and […]

Joining the Marines as a woman

What is joining the Marines as a woman like? Jennifer decided to join the Marines after September 11th. She went from not knowing a lot about the military to deciding she had to join. She ended up reading the book, Marine Sniper and decided she wanted to be a Marine. She was only 16 but […]

What is it like to be a military linguist?

Jessica wanted to be a military linguist in the Navy but by a turn of events related to an issue around a security clearance, she got reassigned to Aviation Admin in the middle of her Boot Camp training. Surprisingly the career field of being an Aviation Admin gave her opportunities to travel and learn about […]

Joining the Coast Guard in a recession

Are you considering joining the Coast Gaurd? Caroline is sharing her experience of joining the Coast Gaurd in 2009. She was about to graduate from college and with the recession, there were not a lot of options for careers. So she decided to join the Coast Guard. Her plan was to work in Intelligence. But […]

What can you gain from military service

One way to learn about the military is by walking up to people in uniform and asking them. And that is what Trish Alegre-Smith did. In this interview, we dive into what you can gain from military service through hearing Trish’s experience. And while the military builds character and often pushes you beyond what you […]

Rock the Boat – Rear Admiral Danelle Barrett

Retired Rear Admiral Danelle Barrett took her 30 years of military experience and put them into her book Rock the Boat.┬áIn her book, she talks about the lessons she has learned from her military career while also including real stories from her time in the military. I enjoyed getting a chance to have her as […]

The few of the few – A female Sergeant Major

What is it like to be a female Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps? Check out this week’s episode of the Women of the Military podcast with retired Sergeant Major Robin Fortner. She served in the Marine Corps for thirty years, enlisting the summer before Desert Storm kicked off. We talked about how the experience […]