Benefits of joining the military

It was the benefits of joining the military that drew Lindsey to the Army. Lindsay Helm is a former Information Technology Specialist in the United States Army. Shortly after leaving the Army, and working in corporate America for companies such as Amazon, Intuit, and the DOD, she realized a gap in education and retention for […]

Serving in the Marine Corps while on USA’s Bobsled Team

This week my guest is Riley Tejcek. She is currently serving in the Marine Corps and she is part of USA’s Bobsled Team. Recently she competed in her first two women World Championship. She also competed and won in the Ms. Military Pageant. Currently, she is about to complete her first assignment as the S4 […]

Military Child to Military Member

April is the month of the Military Child and I wanted to highlight some stories from women who have served in the military who also were military kids. This week my guest Molly Denham. She joined the Air Force after high school and became an admin. She ended up serving in the Air Force for […]

The importance of military leadership

Kayla is working to help improve military leadership through life coaching and what she calls preventative maintenance to help leaders and those serving throughout their careers instead of waiting until they are at the breaking point. She served in the Navy for six years as a Surface Warfare Officer. In this week’s interview, we talk […]

Supporting Women Veterans through Women Veterans Alliance

Melissa went from serving in the Navy to supporting women veterans. Melissa joined the Navy because she was looking for something new. She ended up becoming a supply troop and while at A-School met her future husband. He went to the West Coast and she went to the East Coast. Through cards, letters, and phone […]

Not knowing the need to pick a job in the Air Force

Jenn decided to join the military after attending a meeting for her high school sweetheart who was joining the Air Force. She had never considered military service but that one meeting changed everything. Even though she was only a junior in high school she knew she wanted to serve in the Air Force. She was […]

What is it like to be a military linguist?

Jessica wanted to be a military linguist in the Navy but by a turn of events related to an issue around a security clearance, she got reassigned to Aviation Admin in the middle of her Boot Camp training. Surprisingly the career field of being an Aviation Admin gave her opportunities to travel and learn about […]

Civil Engineering in the Air Force

Civil Engineering in the Air Force

Civil Engineering in the Air Force is a great career field. The hands-on opportunities that AF Civil Engineers find themselves can lead to a great career in the military or open doors to your future after you leave military service behind. Kristina Selstrom is sharing her experience in Civil Engineering in the Air Force this […]

A Military Nurse in the Army

A Military Nurse in the Army

What is it like to be a military nurse? Check out Tif Marcelo’s story of serving in the Army as a military nurse. The military paid her tuition to become a nurse through an ROTC scholarship. Today she is a fiction author and in her newest book, she highlights the stories of military spouses. A […]

Losing a team member while deployed

Losing a team member while deployed

What is it like to experience losing a team member while deployed? Stacie opened up and shared about the loss of four members on her Panjshir PRT in 2009. We also covered the topics of PTSD, mental health, and moving forward. Thank you to Blue Star Families for supporting the Women of the Military podcast! […]