How Moral Injury Can Lead to Burnout

Jamie Peer shares her story of how moral injury led to burn out in her own life and ultimately led her to leave the military after 23 years of service. Today she is the Senior Executive Officer for the Moral Injury Support Network for Servicewomen (MISNS). A nonprofit focused on supporting women who have experienced […]

Finding healing and hope

Kimberly is finding healing and hope through her Warrior’s Path to Healing journal series. She has channeled her experiences in the military to develop a self-help tool for other survivors. We met at the Women Veteran Alliance Unconference in October where she was a finalist for the Melissa A. Washington Small Business Award. Kimberly started […]

Sharing MST stories

Rachelle is sharing MST stories on her new podcast Silenced Voices. She joined the Air Force because of her mom. It was her service in the military that inspired Rachelle to join and serve. She served as a Public Affairs Officer in the Air Force. One of the things we discussed how the military worked […]

Building a safe culture at work

Aleha is working to create a safe culture at work through her company Work Culture Works. She grew up an Army brat and swore she would never join the military. Then after high school graduation her mom said it was time to move out. And the military was the best option and led her to […]

How September 11th Changed Everything

Denise was serving in the Coast Guard during September 11th. She shared how September 11th changed everything. Not only in the military, but also in other aspects of what we now consider normal life. She worked at the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) when it was being stood up and shared all the different challenges they […]

Benefits of joining the military

It was the benefits of joining the military that drew Lindsey to the Army. Lindsay Helm is a former Information Technology Specialist in the United States Army. Shortly after leaving the Army, and working in corporate America for companies such as Amazon, Intuit, and the DOD, she realized a gap in education and retention for […]

Overcoming Addiction with the Military

Overcoming addiction isn’t easy and Laura knew she was on a path that didn’t end well. So she decided to join the Navy as a way to help her overcome her addition. She had graduated from NYU in film and was getting by but struggling with drug addition, alcoholism and bulimia. She was looking for […]

From Homeless to Thriving

How do you go from homeless to thriving? This week my guest is Janae Sergio. She is a Navy veteran. Her mom dropped her off at a homeless shelter at 16 and after a friend suggested she join the military she originally said no. But a free meal was a desirable meal and she met […]

Reproductive Health in the Military

Reproductive health in the military is an important topic and something we do not talk about. I’m excited to talk to Dr. Toni Marengo about this important topic. She is the co-facilitator of the expert consortium guiding the work for Healthy Women’s ┬ánew Ready, Healthy, Able program that provides resources to active duty service members […]

Shield of Sisters – helping women who experience MST

Shannon runs the non profit Shield of Sisters and shared her experience of serving in the Navy on this week’s episode of the Women of the Military podcast. Shannon’s dad, an Army veteran, gave her two options, go to college or join the military. She decided to join the military. She picked the Navy because […]