Education Benefits of the military

This episode is focused on the Education benefits of the military. Specifically the U.S. Military. A lot of people know about the G.I. Bill. The GI Bill is a way to pay for college after your military service. It is a great benefit for serving in the military but there are other education benefits and […]

Becoming an officer through ROTC

How do you become an officer through ROTC? This week I am talking to Keiara Williams about her experience in Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC). She finished her junior year and has one more year of school before she graduates from the Air Force ROTC program and will commission as a 2nd Lieutenant […]

Becoming an Officer in the Military

How do you become an officer in the military? This week I’m diving into the typical ways people become officers. That being said there are a lot of specialized programs and make sure to talk to a recruiter to find the best option for you. I also included an interview with a cadet going through […]

Tips for Basic Training

This week is all about Basic Training. I’m sharing ten tips for Basic Training. These are things I wish I would have known before heading off to my Basic Training (called Field Training) along with how some things have changed in the past few years. Basic Training is meant to be tough. The military is […]

Military Disqualifications

This week is week two of A Girl’s Guide to Military Service series and we are focusing in on things that can disqualify you from military service. Most often when people think of military disqualifications they think of medical disqualifications but that is only one aspect of why people are not eligible to serve in […]

Why Join the Military? – A Girl’s Guide to the Military Series

Why did you decide to join the military? This is a question I ask all my guests on the Women of the Military podcast to start the interview about their military service. I believe learning about why you joined the military is an open door to who you are and can help determine your path […]