Helping the next generation of service members

Lisa Hillhouse served in the Air Force. Today she works as Independent Educational Consultant and has the opportunity to help the next generation of service members as they consider the military. She joined the Air Force through the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. And she served as a Logistic Officer and then Personalist. She […]

Serving in the Marine Corps while on USA’s Bobsled Team

This week my guest is Riley Tejcek. She is currently serving in the Marine Corps and she is part of USA’s Bobsled Team. Recently she competed in her first two women World Championship. She also competed and won in the Ms. Military Pageant. Currently, she is about to complete her first assignment as the S4 […]

Military Child to Military Member

April is the month of the Military Child and I wanted to highlight some stories from women who have served in the military who also were military kids. This week my guest Molly Denham. She joined the Air Force after high school and became an admin. She ended up serving in the Air Force for […]

Overcoming Addiction with the Military

Overcoming addiction isn’t easy and Laura knew she was on a path that didn’t end well. So she decided to join the Navy as a way to help her overcome her addition. She had graduated from NYU in film and was getting by but struggling with drug addition, alcoholism and bulimia. She was looking for […]

Women’s Health on Missions, Trainings and Deployments

This week is part three in our series focus on Women’s Health with HealthyWomen. And this week the focus is on women’s health when it comes to mission, trainings and deployments. I’m excited to talk about this topic because I think it is another important topic that doesn’t get discussed enough. And I’m excited to […]

Being a single parent in the military

Cat joined the military because she needed stability. As a single parent, the military offered her a stable career. And while it had many challenges and sometimes left her with limited funds at the end of paying all her bills each month it did give her a career and a community. Today, Cat owns her […]

A Girl’s Guide to Military Service (available now)

To wrap up A Girl’s Guide to the Military series I asked my friend Trish Alegre-Smith to interview me about my new book A Girl’s Guide to Military Service. In this interview, we talk about why I wrote the book. How did I decide to work with a publisher? And who the book is for […]

Being a Woman in the Military

Another important topic to cover when talking about joining the military is what being a woman in the military is like. And while this is a topic I wish I could ignore and not talk about. It is vital that we talk about some of the challenges women can face while serving just because of […]

Finances and the Military

It is so important to talk about finances and the military as you begin your journey in the military. There is no one right piece of advice to help you in your journey. And that is why I’m excited to be talking about finances this week with Garrett Sorenson this week on the podcast. We […]

Fitness and Health in the Military

It is important to talk about fitness and health because as we talked about in week 2 it can disqualify you from military service. But it is also important to not only talk about being healthy physically but also focus on the importance of good mental health. In this episode, I’m talking to a former […]