Time to Enroll in the Health Care that You Earned and Deserve!

Did you know that only 44% of women veterans are enrolled in Veteran Affairs (VA) health care? This is 8% lower than male veterans. And did you know that women veterans are the fastest growing veteran population? They are projected to account for 2.2 million members of the veteran population by 2026. Aryanna Wagner is […]

Toxic Exposure on Military Bases

A Significant Risk Factor for Miscarriage Among Servicewomen this post was paid for by Environmental Litigation Group, P.C written by Chandler Blythe Duncan Between 10% and 20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, which can result from numerous factors, such as chromosomal problems, hormonal imbalances, uterine abnormalities, chronic health problems, lifestyle factors, but also toxic exposure. This is a grim reality […]

Exposed to Toxins at Military Bases Tell Their Stories

A silent enemy is invading and poisoning U.S. troops of all ages, ranks, and backgrounds. Troops who fought a number of challenges during perilous deployment to come home safely – or so they thought. Vets have been exposed to toxins at military bases. And toxic exposure is a war wound that starts out largely invisible […]

Advice For Transitioning From The Military

Transitioning from the Military By Nick Engelbrecht You’ve made the decision to transition from the military, Congratulations! Now what is it you want to do? Prepare Early This is a question that you will inevitably be asked. So it’s best to prepare ahead of time for that question. My advice is to begin preparing as […]

Coming Home Series by Jessica Scott

Back to You: Book 1 of the Coming Home Series Review by Cynthia Cline Imagine reading a book that grabs your attention immediately to the point that you finish it in less than 2 days. And not just any book, but a story that covers what it’s like to be a military service member and […]

3 Things a Civilian Writer Learned about Service Women

3 Things a Civilian Writer Learned about Service Women

by Sara Hammel *This post contains affiliate links In 1995, when women were still banned from most ground combat roles in the United States military and their supposed lack of physical strength used as a reason to keep them out, Army scientists in Massachusetts embarked on a groundbreaking study. Their mission: To determine if women could get strong […]

Rock Vs Water: A Toxic Military Environment

Rock Vs Water: A Toxic Military Environment

Rock Versus Water:  An Examination of the Toxic Military Environment by Sabrina Ciaciura For any of those who have been associated with the United States military, it is likely you have the awareness of the many problems with which our military members suffer.  High rates of suicide, military sexual trauma, PTSD, alcohol and substance abuse, […]