The Challenge of Deployment

Lauren Kay shared the challenge of deployment in her memoir The Fine Art of Camouflage. Lauren’s decision to join the military was inspired by her moms service during Desert Storm and the events of September 11th. Those two things led her to look into the military and she ended up gaining her commission through the […]

A Female Purple Heart Recipient Story

Combat exclusion was lifted in 2016. But women were serving in combat long before combat exclusion was lifted. Vanessa Brown served as a mechanic and was running convoys on all three of her deployments. The first one happened in 2008. She is also a female purple heart recipient. Each deployment she faced a close call […]

Joining the Marines as a woman

What is joining the Marines as a woman like? Jennifer decided to join the Marines after September 11th. She went from not knowing a lot about the military to deciding she had to join. She ended up reading the book, Marine Sniper and decided she wanted to be a Marine. She was only 16 but […]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in the Military

Alani talks about her overcoming imposter syndrome and how it affected her and her military career. She is an Army brat and thought she would go to West Point and join the Army. Instead, she ended up gaining a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship with the Air Force and served in the Air Force. […]

Rock the Boat – Rear Admiral Danelle Barrett

Retired Rear Admiral Danelle Barrett took her 30 years of military experience and put them into her book Rock the Boat. In her book, she talks about the lessons she has learned from her military career while also including real stories from her time in the military. I enjoyed getting a chance to have her as […]

Hear Iraq War Stories from a female combat veteran

Most often when Iraq War stories are told they are from a male veteran’s perspective. In Jennifer’s book, Calmed she writes not only her story but includes her husband’s perspective of what being deployed together was like. When Jennifer put on her brother’s Marine Corps uniform she stood a little taller. It inspired her to […]

Deployment – What is it like to deploy

Sitting on the airplane with a book in my bag that I knew I should read. But it is about a deployment experience. And I’m unsure if I should dive in or just ignore it a little longer. Sometimes reading books about people’s deployment experiences can be difficult. Instead, I try to watch a few […]

Air Force Public Affairs Officer Experience

Air Force Public Affairs Officer Experience

Sometimes the path to a military career isn’t straightforward. And that is what happened in Elizabeth’s journey to becoming an Air Force Public Affairs Officer. Elizabeth had dreams that began when she was young watching her dad fly in the Air Force. She applied to the Air Force Academy but didn’t get in and instead […]