Life transitions in the Army

Lacey experience many life transitions while serving in the Army. She was planning to enlist in the Reserves in high school and her mom talked her out of it. And then after one semester of college she left and started working at Lowes. Her friend said she was going to enlist in the Army and […]

What is it like to be a speechwriter in the military?

While being a speechwriter in the military is just one small piece of Susan career in the Air Force she shares about that experience helped shape where she is today. She attended the Air Force academy and then after graduation had the opportunity to get her masters at Harvard. Then she did a tour in […]

Writing a Sci-Fi Military Book

Diana X. Moga wrote a Sci-Fi military book called The Peak Experiment that highlights a female cadet as the protagonist and includes other women of leadership and importance. This book has mystery and suspense and will leave you wondering what will happen next and ready to pick it up and finish the story. Get your […]

Reflecting on the military experience

I really enjoyed this weeks interview with Shanon Morris where we talked about how important it is to take time reflecting on the military experience, especially when it comes to the military experience. Shannon served in the Navy and attended the Naval Academy. She didn’t quite know what she was signing up for when she […]

Helping the next generation of service members

Lisa Hillhouse served in the Air Force. Today she works as Independent Educational Consultant and has the opportunity to help the next generation of service members as they consider the military. She joined the Air Force through the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. And she served as a Logistic Officer and then Personalist. She […]

Torch Warrior Wear by Haley McClain Hill

Haley serve in the Air Force and today she is running Torch Warrior Wear. During her time on active duty she also worked as a cheerleader for both the San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons. She decided to leave the Air Force and start her new path after meeting her boyfriend and seeing opportunities […]

Benefits of joining the military

It was the benefits of joining the military that drew Lindsey to the Army. Lindsay Helm is a former Information Technology Specialist in the United States Army. Shortly after leaving the Army, and working in corporate America for companies such as Amazon, Intuit, and the DOD, she realized a gap in education and retention for […]

First Female Command Sergeant Major for the US Army Reserve

Michele S Jones was the first female Command Sergeant Major in the US Army Reserve. I saw Michele speak at the Women Veterans Alliance, Women Veterans Engage event and I knew she would be a great guest for the podcast. She shared highlights from her career starting with the lessons she learned in Basic Training […]