Writing a Sci-Fi Military Book

Diana X. Moga wrote a Sci-Fi military book called The Peak Experiment that highlights a female cadet as the protagonist and includes other women of leadership and importance. This book has mystery and suspense and will leave you wondering what will happen next and ready to pick it up and finish the story. Get your copy today. 

Writing a Sci-Fi Military Book

Diana learned about the Naval Academy during her junior year summer when she had the opportunity to attend the Naval summer program. This lead to her wanting to attend. She wasn’t able to get a Congressional nominee and decided to try again her freshman year of college. That time she again failed to gain a congressional nomination. She wanted to join the service so she enlisted into the Marine Corps through the Reserve. She then was able to go to the Academy through a program for Marines and headed off to the Naval Academy

Serving in the Marine Corps

When she came close to graduation she had to compete to get back into the Marine Corps as an officer. And was able to commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Next she head off to Officer Basic School and then compete for a job. Her first and only assignment was at Camp Pendleton in Southern California. She also married her husband graduation weekend and they started their family while she was still on active duty. In the interview, she talked about the challenge of serving during the high ops tempo and her husband left when her son was only three weeks old.

She decided to leave the military shortly after her initial five year commitment to be a stay at home mom of her son and daughter. It was a hard transition. Everything about life changed and it was a new experience. After a 4.5 year career break she went back into the Marine Corp in the Reserve. This helped her land full time employment when she went back full time into the workforce. She is also the author of The Peak Experiment.

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