The Peak Experiment

Diana Moga, author of The Peak Experiment, was a guest on the Women of the Military podcast this week, you can check out her interview here. I received a copy of her book before the interview and wanted to share my review of the book. You can get your copy here.

Diana’s book is set in 2045 and follows senior cadet Carla Castillo at the Unified Military Academy. She is near the top of her class. It is important to graduate number one. That will help ensure she gets the coveted career field she is aiming for. But in the final exercise the situations are tweaked. And soon everything begins to go wrong.

In this sci-fi thriller not only will you be on your toes wanting to know what happens next but you will also wonder what Carla will do next with the information she uncovers as she dives deeper into figuring out what went wrong.

While I have read a number of books with a military story they are primarily, if not all, non-fiction. Real stories and advice about what serving in the military is like. I really enjoyed reading this futuristic novel focused on challenges in the future as the military works to stay competitive. And not always following the most ethical processes.

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