Torch Warrior Wear by Haley McClain Hill

Haley serve in the Air Force and today she is running Torch Warrior Wear. During her time on active duty she also worked as a cheerleader for both the San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons. She decided to leave the Air Force and start her new path after meeting her boyfriend and seeing opportunities for the future. I love hearing about how she was able to set big goals while still serving in the military and all she has planned for the future.

Torch Warrior Wear by Haley McClain Hill

Haley didn’t know how she was going to pay for college and her grandmother suggested she join the Air Force. She applied to the Academy but didn’t get in and instead was selected for the prep school. Then ROTC offered her a scholarship and so she decided to go that route to service.

First assignment – recruiting and cheering

When she graduated from college and commissioned into the Air Force, she was quickly sent to Atlanta to be part of the Gold Bar Recruiting program. The Gold Bar Recruiting program is a one year assignment and you get to put in selections on where you want to go. She also started cheering for the Atlanta Falcons quickly after arriving in Atlanta.

Moving to CA right before COVID

Her next assignment was at Beal AFB. She was considering cheering for an NBA team, but it wasn’t the right fit. When she started looking back at the NFL COVID started and everything stopped. She felt very overwhelmed. She was working as the Section Commander for a Maintenance Squadron. Because she had done Gold Bar recruiting her rank was higher and people expected her to know more. It was really a hard time with lots of adjustments.

Feeling lost and starting to cheer with SF

For the 2021-22 season she was able to join the San Francisco 49ers cheer squad and it brought life back to her. She had a team of supportive women and felt really lucky. Many of the women worked during the week so practices were on the weekends and games were on Sundays.

Transitioning out of the military

At the end of her four year commitment she decided to leave the Air Force. She wished she had planned on the next step sooner. But she was able to take part in some of the resources to help with transition such as Skillbridge and Boots to Business. Those resources helped set her up on the path she is on today. She created her own business called Torch Warrior Wear.

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