Being a single parent in the military

Cat joined the military because she needed stability. As a single parent, the military offered her a stable career. And while it had many challenges and sometimes left her with limited funds at the end of paying all her bills each month it did give her a career and a community. Today, Cat owns her own business, Small Space Pilates.

Being a single parent in the military

Cat went into the Air Force in 1980 and worked in Communications. Her first job had her working shift work. And while she was able to find support from the community around her to help watch her son with her constantly changing shifts. She did not like shift work and it was hard on her body. She laterally transferred over to a new career in Communications that allowed her to work a regular day shift and stayed in that career until retirement. One of the biggest projects she worked on was when she was at Offutt Air Force Base and they were building a backup location for NORAD.

To help make ends meet she also worked part-time. She was a fitness instructor on base and was able to find the time to do this work and also be at home with her son. That part-time job affected the work she is doing today. When she left the military she followed her passion for fitness instead of communications. And while she originally worked in higher-level management she found working one on one with people and leading classes to be her passion.

She also has a platform to highlight the stories of women who have served in the military. Her podcast is Sisters in Service. I was a guest on her podcast, you can check out the episode here.

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