VA Women’s Health Reengagement Training

This week my guest is Aryanna Wagner. She is a trainer for the VA Women’s Health Reengagement Training known as VA Women’s HeaRT, she is also an Army veteran, mom, and PhD candidate. In today’s episode we will learn more about how Aryanna’s experience with VA Women’s HeaRT and answer questions about the training program. VA Women’s HeaRT is an official program of the VA Office of Women’s Health and is working to increase the number of women veterans who use VA health care by educating them on what women veteran specific services are available to them and how to enroll. I recently took this course and learned about the health services provided by VA along with specific services offered for women.

This episode was made possible by a partnership with VA Women’s HeaRT

VA Women’s Health Reengagement Training

Did you know…

only 44% of women veterans are currently enrolled in VA health services which is 8% lower than their male counterparts? This program is working to change that number and help get women veterans enrolled. Want to learn more about enrolling in VA health care services? Head over to and stay tuned to this week’s episode as we dive in and learn more about VA Women’s HeaRT.

The impact of the training

Women’s Health Transition Training (WHTT) exists to help servicewomen that are currently transitioning out of the military. But the VA found a need to create a training program for women veterans who transitioned long ago who may have not yet heard about what health care services are available to women. They also may be under the impression that the VA is only for men. Or that it is not a quality place to receive care. Whether you have been out of the military for 10 days, 10 months or 10+ years. This training is for you.

Under 50% of women Veterans are enrolled in VA health care services. Women Veterans are the fastest and largest growing population of Veterans (expected to make up 18% of the Veteran population by 2040 compared to only 4% in 2000), so it is important to connect these women to their earned benefits that they have a right to.

It is important to note that even if you ARE ENROLLED in VA health care, you are still eligible to attend this training. This training is beneficial for all women Veterans to learn about the services available to them. We had participants last year that shared this training was the best explanation of VA health care that they had heard.

Women need to know about the HeaRT training

This training serves as a safe space for women Veterans by connecting women to other women with shared experiences to create a women Veteran-focused community. There are an abundance of resources (handbook, contacts, etc.)

Phases Covered:

  • First Phase: Women Veterans and VA Health Care 
  • Second Phase: Understanding VA
  • Third Phase: Health Care Services
  • Fourth Phase: Enrolling in VA Health Care

Why VA for health care?

There are many benefits that women have by receiving care at the VA, especially the women specific care. Women’s health primary care providers, research influencing policy and treatments, VA knows unique needs. There are higher rates of depression, Musculo skeletal injuries, and PTSD in Veteran women vs civilian women. Mental health is also embedded in primary care. As well as trauma informed care that is better than private sector in many ways.

During this training cycle, how many trainings are you conducting and where will they be held?

There are 40 virtual, 10 in person across the country. They will be located at Vegas, Tulsa, Nashville, Sacramento, Seattle, and various conferences. The VA offers trainings at various dates and times in order to give everyone who wants to attend the opportunity to do so. They also offer the training on weekend. The training is free for women veterans.

Register at VA Women’s heaRT website

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