Advice for women considering military service

I’m excited to wrap up Season 4 highlighting the advice from women who served. In this episode I pull the answers to what advice would you give to those considering military service. I shared the advice from women share for the first half of 2022 in episode 188. And now I am finishing off the last episode for 2022 with all the other advice shared through out the second half of 2022.

Advice for women who are considering military service

2022 was a crazy year for me. My family moved from the East Coast to West Coast. And while being closer to family has been nice. It was a real challenge to keep the podcast coming out with new episodes each week. I am grateful for all the women who have been guests this year. And I am excited I was able to create a summer series focused on girl’s considering military service. You can check out the whole series here.

I am also thankful to my amazing sponsors through out this year. Women Veteran’s Alliance was the title sponsor for A Girl’s Guide to Military Service Series. And JVollbrecht Consulting and Garret Sorrenson with Marcum Wealth were gold sponsors. Photography by Trish was a Silver sponsor. And Nomades Collection and Served Like HER were bronze sponsors. Their support made the series possible.

Also, Sabio School of Software and Engineering sponsored a number of episodes this season. Along with sponsoring the panel episodes I created. Episode 173: Why Women Veteran Stories Are Important and Episode 178: Women Veterans on Capitol Hill. Girl Scouts Overseas supported the podcast in 2022. And last week you learned about VA Women’s Health Reengagement Training (HeaRT) from HeaRT trainer Aryanna Wagner.

I have already started recording episodes for next year and I am so excited for the stories we will share and the topics we will cover. Thanks to everyone who has listened and shared the podcast this year. And a special thanks to everyone who ordered A Girl’s Guide to Military Service. The feedback from those who have read the book has been amazing. And I really hope this resource will help women who are considering military service.

Advice time stamp and guest:

3:22 – Nichole Naprstek – Episode 189

5:20 – Tahina Montoya – Episode 190

6:27 – Jill Chambers – Episode 191

7:51 – Jennifer Givens – Episode 192

9:01 – Tess Robinson – Girl’s Guide to the Military Series: Disqualifications

9:41 – Ashley Gorbulja – Girl’s Guide to the Military Series: Education Benefits

10:06 – Ashleigh Magee – Girl’s Guide to the Military Series: Fitness

10:49 – Garrett Sorenson – Girl’s Guide to the Military Series: Finance

13:13 – Nancy Stroer – Episode 209

15:05 – Virginia Lee Johnson – Episode 203

15:42 – Christina Mattison – Episode 204

17:36 – Virginia Cruse – Episode 205

19:16 – Courtney Dock – Episode 207

20:56 – Tina Green – Episode 208

22:34 -Jennifer Williams – Episode 208

23:34 – Rachel Oswalt – Episode 208

24:32 – Tiffany Walker – Episode 208

25:54 – Kayla Lyon – Episode 210

27:13 – Theresa Kulikowski-Gillespie – Episode 211

29:26 – Esther Massimini – Episode 212

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