What Veteran’s Day means to veterans

Reflecting on what Veteran’s Day means to those who have served. This week on the Women of the Military podcast, I’m joined by Jennifer Williams, Rachel Oswalt, Tina Green, and Tiffany Walker. These women veterans shared a little about their experience in the military. They also shared what Veteran’s Day means to them. And each gave their advice for the next generation of women considering serving.

What Veteran’s Day means to veterans

Veteran’s Day is a day to honor and reflect on the sacrifice those who have served in the military. Sometimes people get confused on what the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. They are two separate holidays focused on different aspects of military service. And on Veteran’s Day we focus on everyone who has served. While Memorial Day is a day to remember those died while serving in the military.

I believe that those who have served in the military need to share their stories and experiences. And while I celebrate women veterans through out the year I still want to highlight the importance of Veteran’s Day and also recognize how this day can be hard for veterans too.

Veteran Organizations

Military service means to give back and to serve. For many veterans giving back is a part of who they are and when they think about serving they think of helping others or sharing great organizations that are helping veterans. A few of the veteran organizations mentioned in this week’s episode are:

American Corporate Partners (helping veterans with mentorship through the transition out of the military)

The Mission Continues (helping veterans after service with out reach and volunteer opportunities)

Lamda Beta Alpha

Giving back to the next generation

Another important theme that was touched on was mentorship. This topic is important for both those looking to join and those leaving the military. If you can have someone guide you in your military journey it can help make things easier. Having someone a few steps ahead of you can really make your experience better. Asking questions and doing research were important take aways. But also, knowing that no matter how much you prepare there will be things that happen you can’t plan for. And you may experience emotions or challenges you did not expect.

Mentioned in this episode:

American Corporate Partners

The Mission Continues

Captain Mama

Women of the Military Mentorship Program Sign Up

A Girl’s Guide to Military Service

If you would like to connect with any of my guests you can find their contact information below:

Jennifer Williams:



Rachel Oswalt:


Tina Green:

https://screamingwithnovoice.com/ (Nonprofit)
https://www.berthiennaegreen.com/ (for profit)

Tiffany Walker:


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