Getting help with PTSD

Are you struggling with PTSD or mental health struggles? If you are looking for getting help with PTSD check out Virginia’s story this week on the Women of the Miltiary podcast. Virginia also offers resources that can help you in your mental health journey. Head over to www.???.com to learn more. Virginia serves in the Army National Guard and Reserves. She served as a linguist and interrogator and talks about not only her time in the military but also how her time in the military affected her and how she was able to find help and how she is helping others today.

getting help with ptsd

Getting help with PTSD

Virginia joined the military because she was looking for something new. She didn’t have enough money to pay for school and was working dead-end jobs. She ended up doing well enough on the ASVAB to become a linguist. She loved getting to learn Arabic in Monterey at the Defense Language Institute.  And she enjoyed the opportunities the military gave her through serving.

Deploying oversea

Because of her unique skill when she deployed she found herself in roles not typical for most women. She ended up being embedded in infantry units and going on dangerous missions. She said at the time she didn’t realize how dangerous the work she was doing was. But she also really enjoyed doing it. It was challenging and left its tool. After 3 deployments she needed help.

She poured out her soul to a full bird colonel in the Army and he told her she could only get help if she stopped lying. He told her that her story couldn’t be true because women were not in combat. This betrayal hurt her but somehow she was able to find help and push past this experience. And now she helps others in their mental health journey as a counselor and is working toward her Ph.D.

She is also the author of The Solider’s Guide to PTSD and has created a workbook. You can learn more about them here.

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