Military Moms May Inspire Military Service

Does the legacy of service extend from one generation to the next? Do military moms inspire their children to serve in the military? I have always wanted to do a podcast episode with a mom and daughter who served in the military to talk about these questions and I’m excited to have Lita Tomas and Jean Marie McNarman on the show. This week to not only talk about their experiences in the military but also how they each impacted each other lives. It was fun to hear about how Lita’s service helped inspire Jean and how they both ended up serving in the same brigade. You can hear more about their experience in the military in their new dual memoir, Lita and Jean. They are also the hosts of Podcast DX. PodcastDX is a weekly interview-based podcast series. Patients provide experience-based medical insight, in a peer-to-peer format.

Military Moms May Inspire Military Service

Lita went from a stay-at-home mom to a tank mechanic. She started her career in the Army serving on active duty. But also served in the Army Guard, Air Force Reserves, and Army Reserves. She also became an officer in the Army shortly before her 32 birthday. In total, she served in the military for 26 years.

Her daughter, Jean Marie McNamara followed her mother twenty years later as a combat medic in the Illinois Army National Guard. She began her career in 1993. And during peacetime, the most frequent casualties were heat exhaustion and tick removal from Privates to Generals. After serving for six-year she decided to become an officer. Unfortunately, she was critically injured in her last weeks of Chemical Officer Basic. The injury was career-ending for both, as Lita retired from her deployed status to take care of her daughter. And Jean was forced to leave the military.

Lita & Jean: Memoir of Two Generations of Military Women

In their new book, they each share their own experience of serving in the military. Jean also discusses her time as a military child. And Lita ends it by talking about how she took care of her daughter after her injury. Not only are they mother and daughter but they are also friends and really enjoyed spending time together to do research in writing the book and all the work to create the final book.

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