Finding help after a miscarriage

The challenge of reaching out for help after a miscarriage while serving in the military can be a real struggle. But finding that help can change your life for the better. Wendi served in the Army and she had a miscarriage at twenty weeks. The experience led her to hate her body and herself. She blamed herself and struggled with the emotions of losing a child to miscarriage. She tried to stuff that pain down. But ended up finally reaching out for help through the Military One Source crisis line. There she was able to get help and move forward.

Finding help after a miscarriage

Wendi joined the Army Reserves when she was in high school. She was looking for something different and decided to try out Jr. ROTC and that led her on a path to the military. She was able to join the Reserves with the plan for her to attend college once she graduated from high school. She ended up going to Georgia Military College and gained her commission and then finished her last two years of school.

Wendi met her husband while attending Georgia Military College. They got married before they graduated so they could be stationed together. She ended up getting pregnant and was still able to join the military but had to wait six months after her daughter was born. When she finally went on active duty she had to go to training and found the first year on active duty to be challenging for both her and her husband. But they got through it.

Leaving the military

She decided to leave the military after five years of her service. Her husband had retired medically and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue serving. She eventually decided she was ready for the next step after the military. Her husband encouraged her to stay home but she had the drive to find something for herself. She wanted to be a life coach and was able to get certified. Today she is a Life Coach for military women.

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About Wendi:

Wendi is a woman of God, wife, mama of 2, Army Veteran. She is dedicated to helping faith-led military women go from burned out to building a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing their career. She served for over 5 years as an Adjutant General Officer (HR) and now a Life Coach for military women.

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