Giving back through Yoga and Meditation

Sherrell has taken her experience from serving in the military to start her own business focused on Yoga and Meditation. When Sherrell left the military she was struggling with some medical issues and was told about how yoga could help her. Since then she has continued to learn about Yoga and meditation and today she helps others as a Mind-Body Practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the wellness space. She served in the Army for five years and shares her experience this week on the Women of the Military podcast.

Giving back through Yoga and Meditation

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Sherrell decided to join the military because she was going into debt and needed to find a new path. She had graduated and received tuition assistance from the state of Georgia but it did not cover everything. So with about two years of college completed, she joined the Army.  She worked as an aviation operation specialist. There is a mission side and a teaching side. She found herself working with the S3 office focused on the training aspect. Because of this, she was able to work a normal nine to five shift. Unlike on the mission side where the hours are based on a swing shift to cover the mission 24 hours. Since she worked a normal shift she was able to finish her degree while still serving in the Army.

Her first assignment was a  deployment to Korea. It was supposed to be a year-long deployment, but she met her now-husband and asked to extend so they could be stationed together. She talked about the culture and experience of being in Korea at 22 years old. And what it was like to be away from her family before the internet was like it is today. They connected through a shared phone in the dorm hallway and letters. After two years in Korea, she came back to the states and worked at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

September 11th

She adjusted back to the states and continued to work as an air operations specialist She remembers the seriousness of September 11th. Not only was the country attacked but she knew the military would respond. Fort Rucker had been a laid-back base with few deployments, but it changed after 9/11. She also was dating her now-husband (boyfriend then) and couldn’t connect with him. He was stationed at the Pentagon and she didn’t know if he was okay for over 24 hours after the attack.

When she was coming up to her contract end she started to prepare for if she should extend her time in the military or separate. She re-toook the ASVAB so she could cross-train and started to think about what she wanted for the future. She decided to leave the military behind. And she mentioned that Fort Rucker had a great program to help her with that transition. She was able to seamlessly move to the DC area get a job as a civilian for DoD and is going to school for her master’s.

Yoga and Meditation

She also has her own business helping people through yoga and meditation. She began practicing yoga and meditation due to her own experiences with various health challenges while serving in the U.S. Army. Her background includes human resources, conflict coaching, diversity and inclusion, and mindfulness in the workplace. As a Mind-Body Practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the wellness space Sherrell has training in various modalities.

The advice she gives women considering military service is to do research about what job they want to do. Do not just take the first opportunity. Figure out what you want to do and what you like to do. She encourages young women to think about their future and not just of it as a job for the military but how they can use it once they leave the military.

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