What does a military social worker do?

What does a military social worker do? Hear Kara’s story. She was in the Air Force for 13 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and continues to serve in the Reserves. She found the Air Force while looking for a job. Even though she was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she struggled to find a job because of her lack of experience. The Air Force gave her a job and also experience that she could use when she left the military. Today, she is using her experiences gained from the military to help other women as they transition out of the military through her business Kara Taylor Coaching.

What does a military social worker do?

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Kara began her military career by going through Commissioned Officers Training. There she learned about being in the Air Force and then five weeks later she was sent to her first assignment in Mississippi. She had met her future husband a few months earlier and when she found out about her assignment did not expect her boyfriend to follow her to Mississippi. But he did. And they were married about three years after she joined the military.

While in Mississippi she worked in Family Advocacy Program (FAP) and Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program (ADAPT). She learned the basics of being a clinical social worker. But also learned the value of being involved on base. She was able to be part of the Company Grade Officer Council and got mentored by the Vice Commander of the base. She enjoyed her time there and then moved to Germany. In Germany, she continued to work as a social worker. She also became a mom. She faced the challenge of going back to work and having to manage her life as both mom and service member. Then she had the opportunity to attend training shortly after her son was born but since she did not have enough milk and there was no way for her to store the milk she chose not to attend. While her flight commander supported her, her squadron commander did not.

Back to the states

After Germany, she went to Kansas. There the mission was really challenging. There were so many needs for the base and limited team members. She also had her daughter. She ended up having a medical complication and was hospitalized for the last nine weeks of her pregnancy. After that assignment, she went to the Air Force Academy to work with cadets. They worked to help break the bias and stereotype by moving the offices into the dorms and making mental health services more accessible. At the same time, she started to think about her transition out of the military.

She was considering a financial business but she found some of her challenges in relationships with money was how she used the money to make her feel better about herself. She decided to help women through coaching and focusing specifically on self-worth. You can learn more about the work she is doing today in the links below.

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