What is it like to be a military linguist?

Jessica wanted to be a military linguist in the Navy but by a turn of events related to an issue around a security clearance, she got reassigned to Aviation Admin in the middle of her Boot Camp training. Surprisingly the career field of being an Aviation Admin gave her opportunities to travel and learn about how the Navy operated. When she eventually cross-trained to become a Linguist she found out she actually enjoyed being an admin more.

What is it like to be a military linguist?

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Joining the Navy

Jessica loves to learn. Her joy of learning led her to want to be a military linguist where she would learn a language. And she loved being at Monterey and going through the program at the Defense Language Institute (DLI). But the job often left people in silos because you were unable to talk to anyone else about the work they were doing due to the classified nature. This led to her finding other ways to learn. She began mentoring others as a way to help them figure out their next step in life or the Navy.

She left the military when her contract was up because she was in a serious relationship with someone serving in the Army. Because she first became a military spouse, she didn’t feel like her transition out of the military began until they broke up. It was then she had to find a job. She found a well-paying job and used the skills she learned from the Navy. When the company closed its doors. She and her sister decided to travel the world. They then traveled around the US until her sister decided she wanted to settle down.

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