Joining the Coast Guard in a recession

Are you considering joining the Coast Gaurd? Caroline is sharing her experience of joining the Coast Gaurd in 2009. She was about to graduate from college and with the recession, there were not a lot of options for careers. So she decided to join the Coast Guard. Her plan was to work in Intelligence. But it took over 3 years at a small base in New York before she actually was able to attend her training to work in Intel.

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Joining the Coast Guard in a Recession

At her first assignment, she faced a toxic work environment. She felt alone and did not know how to deal with the mental stress and the unwanted sexual comments. Add to the stress she should have only been there for six months to a year and ended up being there for three made for a rough start to the Coast Guard.

Her second assignment in Intel in Key West was much better. But when it came time to reenlist she worried about being sent to a toxic unit and decided to leave active duty and serve in the Reserves. She worked various jobs as a government civilian and while deployed to Gunatomo Bay she had a lot of down time and decided to go back to school and get her Ph.D.

Caroline’s Bio:

Today, Caroline is a Ph.D. student in the University of San Diego’s Leadership Studies program. She is a Coast Guard and CIA veteran who also instructs comedy courses for the Armed Service Arts Partnership, which serves to build a community for military-connected people through the arts. Caroline served in the Coast Guard for five years active duty and three years in the reserves. Her book, Fairly Smooth Operator, documents stories from the Coast Guard and CIA.

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