Women of the Military podcast Season 3 wrap up

What are the most popular episodes of 2021? What is it like to host, run and plan for the future of the Women of the Military podcast? This episode is a two-part episode. First I chat with Trish Alegre-Smith and talk about what it was like to create the Women of the Military podcast and the future of the podcast. In the second part, I do a quick round-up of the eight most popular episodes for 2021.

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Women of the Military podcast Season 3 Wrap up

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Most popular episodes 2021

8.  Episode 144: Writing for healing, Carolyn Patrick


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7. Episode 108: Empowering Women through Storytelling, Kerri Jeter


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6. Episode 116: Flawed but Still Worthy, Allie Brazas


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5. Episode 151: Attending a Military Academy, West Point, Cadet Holland Pratt and Cadet Hannah Blakey


4. Episode 161: Overcoming imposter syndrome, Alani Bankhead


3. Episode 160: Rock the Boat, Danelle Barrett


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2. Episode 112: Becoming a Rear Admiral in the Coast Guard, Melissa Bert


1. Episode 138: Pros and Cons of being a Woman in the Military, round up


2 comments on “Women of the Military podcast Season 3 wrap up

  1. Hi!

    I am a woman veteran and I have been tossed around corporate America, bounced around some of these “women veteran” nonprofits and WOW have I seen some shady things!
    I would love to chat about it?!

    • Thanks for the idea. It isn’t a topic that is a good fit for the podcast right now. My main focus is to share the stories of women while they serve in the military. My waitlist for guest is currently closed but those interested in sharing their story can bypass the waitlist by supporting the work of the podcast at http://www.patreon.com/womenofthemilitary Once my waitlist is opens again I will send an email to my email list.

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