What can females do in the military?

What can females do in the military? The answer is, if they can dream it they can do it. Today’s military has open doors for women. They still have to meet standards and may not qualify for all jobs, but they can not be discriminated against because of their gender. Each week I interview a woman who has served in the military. And this week I have pulled together their advice from their military experience and they are sharing their advice for women.

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What can females do in the military?

Carol Eggert 

I will always speak to women about their next steps and their choices. When it comes to the military. I think the advice is very similar to what I’d give anyone considering anything. Do your research.

Cathy Ann Alexander

I’ll say, go with your heart for me. After I joined I detached myself from friends and family because a lot of people told me well, you made a mistake. Why did you join the military? And that’s not something you want to do.

Jen Griswold

I would say do it. I’ve learned more through my years in the military, just deep lessons in so many different ways that I don’t think the rest of my friends in this world understand. And I’m super grateful for it because not only has it made me resilient, and it hasn’t been easy, but its made me resilient.

Aniela Szymanski 

My advice is, make bold decisions when you’re young, and you can do them when you’re young. When you’re early in your career that’s the time to take risks. And that’s the time when those risks are most likely to pay off long term. If you are considering it, don’t wait, don’t say I’ll think about it in two years or all wait until you know this next phase of my life is over. Do it when you’re young.

Kate Hendricks Thomas 

Know what you’re walking into and know that it’s not always going to be easy. Know that you’re not always going to have the respect and support that you think you should automatically get. You’re going to have to earn it in every room that you walk into. Look for friends and colleagues in other female service members. Support them, take care of them, and they’ll be the best friends that you’ve ever had.

Debra Johnson

Don’t quit and do the job you want to do. Do not let the recruiter sway you. And just believe in yourself. Never quit.

Penny Deere

I would definitely recommend that they do. Just be aware of your surroundings. Always have buddies, male or female doesn’t matter you who’s gonna have your six. It’s a great career. I’ve been retired for 25 I got out 95. So 25 years, 26 years, right. I have been collecting retirement for that long, as long as I’ve been out.

Jodi Allen

That is such a good question, because, as I said before, I didn’t ask myself many questions before I went to recruiting. And I possibly did not join up in the right job for me. So I would definitely be looking at what are the pros and cons. Talking to as many people you can find that have served. Ask really important questions and doing your research in what kind of job you want to do and what would suit you.

Staci Sharfran

I would encourage you to reach out, talk to other women who have served and hear their perspectives. And then know if it’s something that you’re really interested in, pursue it, you’ll be doing something that most people in our country will never do.

David Trentholm

For me, I’m a big advocate for women. I’m a big advocate that you should do anything you want to. And don’t take the first No. Don’t take the first closed door, because a lot of times people will tell you no, and they don’t know the actual answer. They’re just going off what somebody else told them. Ask for it in writing, why can’t I do this? You know, show me where it says I can’t do it. And if it’s written there, inquired why it can’t be changed.

Tif Marcelo

Yeah, I would say go for it, go for it. But make sure it makes sense. I think that as women, we have to guide other women to be their best selves. And so that if you’re going into the military, make it so that you can transition out whether through retirement or through getting out and know that the job that you did in the military makes sense for what you want to be when you get out.

Kathy Gallowitz

I say, go for it. Moms, let your daughters fly, let your daughters experience that. Okay? It is doable. They may not want to serve 29 years like I did. Going and serving at all is wonderful for their development for every skill you can imagine.

Sandy Stosz

I think that young women should very seriously consider joining the military, if they have an interest. I don’t want to say everybody should but people should look into not just the military. But what specific branch too often, we just equate them all the same.

Shannon Polson

Read the Grit Factor. I wrote it for you. Actually, in some, some seriousness, I really would I would read The Grit Factor and I would read the stories of other women who have served it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from men but it is helpful to have that perspective.

Carolyn Patrick

I would say to women or to anyone is learn your job, and be very good at what you do. It’s important, and it will make your life much easier. If you’re the expert at your job and know what you’re doing. You won’t have to worry about chasing down promotions or the next level of recognition or whatever, just focus on knowing your job.

Daniella Mestyanek Young

My advice to military women is or to women that want to join the military is something I say a lot which is information is never bad. So do your homework, do your research. We can help you. Any woman out there could message me or probably Amanda and say, Hey, I’m thinking of joining the military, and we will help you we will connect you.

Sara McMurrough

I think that it’s important to do your research, see what is available in the jobs that are out there. Because you don’t have to be out in doing combat all the time. I mean, you need to learn how to protect yourself. And that’s part of the training, but there are so many opportunities. You can be active duty, you can be a reserve component where you can continue to have your career, there are opportunities.

Jenny Herseler

Sit down and be honest with yourself and decide do I ever want kids? And if I do, what are some career fields that I think would be very conducive to that. Working 12 hours on a flight-line where your shifts can change. While not impossible to be a mom, if you are a single mom, in the military especially, that’s a lot of instability that you need to kind of decide, is this something I even want to deal with?

Angela Beltz

I would say go for it. And the biggest thing is, study and score well on your ASVAB. So you have a choice of what job you want to do. So you’re not voluntold or you’re not lured in, by the promise of a bonus to be a cook, like I was. What was I thinking?

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