Advice from military women for young women

Listen to the advice from military women who have served in the military. Hear a round-up of advice from veterans who have served in the military and want to pass on their advice to the next generation of women who have served. There are hundreds of stories on the Women of the Military podcast helping women learn about the military from the stories of military women, listen to them all here.


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Kristina Selstrom  03:31

Definitely worthwhile to consider especially if you look back at the reasons I did. Between adventure, scholarship and service. And the scholarship doesn’t just mean this ROTC, there’s tuition assistance for all ranks.

Kelsey Gumm  05:11

I would say do it. And I would say, take the time to really research what you’re interested in as far as like an occupation, or even type of military service. Every branch is so different. And depending on what you’re looking for, depends on the branch that you should join.

Featherstone 6:22

I think it’s important to look forward to what you want your future to look like when you’re considering military service. Because being a single soldier, or being like a married soldier who doesn’t have children is a very different life from trying to give birth or conceive children through artificial reproductive technology.

Kelly White  07:18

I want to keep the recruiter in me out of this. Of course, I’m going to suggest doing your research, looking into every branch, figure out what you want to do.

Lorraine Diaz  07:59

So the military is cool, because you can pick a job, depending on how you score on your ass fab, this magical test that deems how much aptitude you have in one area over another.

Holland Pratt  09:12

I would give two things for advice. Number one, at the end of the day, all you have to do is be you. Don’t try to force somebody else’s leadership style on you. Don’t try to conform to a vision that somebody has to be you whatever you that needs to take.

Hannah Blakey  11:17

My first thing would be, don’t allow the naysayers to dictate how much effort you’re willing to put in. I know when I was a senior in high school I went to just an informational meeting, and I was speaking to an old grad and one of the things that he told me was, you’re not going to be able to get all A’s.

Anna Maria Lang  12:59

I think it’s really important to know you’re capable and do anything you put your mind to. I know I would not have dreamed of being a paratrooper and being able to be as fit as I was. So I think the important thing to realize is that sometimes we have self-imposed limitations.

Theresa Alexis  15:56

My advice would be, don’t go in without having a job assigned (no contract) for one. I made that mistake you haven’t learned from me say don’t do that, go in knowing exactly what you want. And don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Elizabeth Brienza  17:00

I would say don’t hesitate to reach out to strangers.

Jennifer Hobbs  17:44

I would say a lot of self-reflection, a lot.

Melody Gratic  20:40

That is a great question. I will tell every woman that is thinking about joining the military, I will say make a conscious decision that you can live with and not regret.

Robin Fortner  21:28

I think the biggest advice I would give to them is to be ready to be mentally and physically ready to be willing to step up and outside of their box for the greater good.

Siobhan Cunningham  22:19

Know why you’re joining. Don’t just feel like it’s my way out of my situation.

Danelle Barrett  22:50

I would say, absolutely. I mean, when I first got in the military was a harder place for women. But over the years I’ve been in, it’s amazing.

Alani Bankhead  23:48

Oh, my goodness, I have so much advice. I think the biggest one would be you know, when I think about myself when I was about to join like I was so apprehensive and nervous.

Beth Fynbo  25:15

I’d say just do it. I personally don’t see a downfall, it’s not for everyone.

Rojan Robotham  26:00

If you’re considering joining the military, I say go, Air Force. I say do it. Jump in, go at it and give it your best.

Erin Sears  27:17

My answer is, do it. Please, please do it.

Ginny Orndorff  28:33

People always asked me if you knew what was gonna happen, would you do it again? Absolutely. I’m a stronger person.

Cherron Brown  29:14

I will tell them to do it. I think it is a lot more female-friendly.

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