Miscarriage in the Military

Theresa wanted to get away from her hometown and when her parents would not support her in attending Howard University in Virginia she decided to join the Marine Corps. She began her career in the Marines and the day before she turned twenty she was married and she began planning for her future by saving for if she needed to get out of the military. This interview covered the topic of miscarriage in the military. Theresa had two miscarriages and talked about the pain she felt and how she took the emotions she struggled with and put them on a shelf after her two weeks off of work to recover. And that saving plan she started when she got married paid off as life unfolded.

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miscarriage in the military

Miscarriage in the Military

Getting away from Birmingham, AL was the reason that Theresa wanted to join the Marine Corps. And that desire to get away was her drive to not quit boot camp training and become a Marine. But it was a challenging process. They broke her down to build her back up into a Marine. After graduating from Boot Camp she went home for Christmas leave and then began Marine Combat Training (MCT) upon graduation she headed off to her Military Occupation Code School. She went in open contract, which she does not recommend. But since she was in a hurry to get out of Alabama it was a good option for her.

First career in the military

She did not enjoy her first career field of Motor Transport but was able to cross-train over to Finance after her first tour in the Marines. She had considered getting out since she was married. And after losing two children to miscarriage was pregnant with her third. But her career advisor helped her find a new career field and continued her career. She talked about how hard it was to deal with the emotions of losing her first two children due to miscarriage. And the lack of support within the Marines for women who experience a miscarriage in the military. She felt she had to be back mission-ready after two weeks of leave which was barely enough time to heal let alone deal with the emotions of the loss.

Leaving the military for her family

When her second daughter was born she had medical issues and the strain of having to work and take care of her family made it challenging. She still had two years left in her contract but needed a way to get out as soon as possible. Fortunately, she was able to get out early with a hardship duty and what should have taken ten days took forty-five. She also found out she was pregnant again at that time. But because she and her husband had decided to live on one income and save the other she was able to do what was right for her and her family.

Today she is a mom of three and works from home as the Military Bride Strategist. Helping couples build strong relationships and even helping singles looking for a long-term relationship. She also is the host of Black, Married, and in the Military.

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Miscarriage in the military. A topic not talked about enough. I'm thankful to Theresa for being brave and sharing her experience of miscarriage while serving in the Marine Corps.

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