Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Children’s Book

Twenty-one Steps: Guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a beautiful book. My favorite part of this book is that it was able to capture the attention of my boys (5 and 7) with stunning pictures. But also told a story to help them understand the meaning and significance of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We currently live in the DC area and I want to take my children to visit the tomb but have struggled to put into words the meaning and significance of this place. Now I can with my free copy of Twenty-one steps.

Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is one of reflection for the lives lost. And before a friend died in an F-16 training accident in 2013 I did not have a lot of understanding behind the significance of that day. It changed everything about how I viewed the world. I saw the effects it had on not only his family but the community both military and civilian on the loss of his life. A life cut short. Possibilities shattered. It made the number of men and women who died at war or at home during training accidents real. I knew the story of this individual. And how his story touched so many lives. That is what Memorial Day means to me. Remembering those we lost and the pain so many felt from that loss.

And the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has an even great significance with members being lost with families not ever knowing their fate. Twenty-one steps begins with “I am an Unknown. I am one of many.” It goes through the history of American and the fallen lost from war. And it also gives the history of how the Tomb of the Unknown soldiers was initially forgotten. How visitors did not understand the significance. And where the tradition began.

The Tombe of the Unknown Soldier

“Twenty-one footsteps


“Twenty-one seconds of silence.


Twenty-one seconds of silence.

Twenty-one more steps.

With each step, my war was over.”

Along with the words that encapsulate the history, meaning, and significance of the tomb and the tradition surrounding it there are beautiful illustrations. Illustrations with such detail of each moment etched in time. Of the tomb and the soldiers who stand guard.

No matter the weather they are there

The crowds come to watch but that is not why the soldiers stand guard. Even when no one is there the ceremony and excellence is there. Rain. Shine. Day. Night.

“In snow, in rain

On days the birds don’t dare to sing.

Twenty-one, twenty-one, twenty-one.

By day, by night.

Before many, few, or none.

Twenty-one, twenty-one, twenty-one.

Gaurd our perfect rest.

Give us now your very best.


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