Top 5 Military Books for Kids

What are the top military books for kids? This round-up includes my five favorite military kid books to help kids not only understand what it means when mom or dad leaves for work, training, or a deployment. But also helps them learn a little bit more about some of the careers within the military. In my experience, I have found a story can help my kids understand or open a door to a hard conversation, such as, moving across the country and saying goodbye to friends.

The way authors are opening doors for military kids by sharing either experience from their childhood in military books for kids or parents who want to help their kids understand. I shared my story after reading Good Night Captain Mama to my son’s class. The way Graciela used the book to share the story of military women through the patches on her uniform was easy to help me explain my service as I took various patches off my uniform and let the children hear my stories.

After Amanda read a military book for kids, Captain Mama, she shared her story of military service to children at preschool.

Top 5 Military Books for Kids

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Captain Mama series by Graciela TiscarEno Sato

Good Night Captain Mama

Goodnight Captain Mama Books and Patches 

Marco explores the military through his mom’s uniform. She is getting ready for her night flight and when she comes to say good night her son asks why she has to leave. The patches of her uniform each have a symbol related to her military service. Through the patches, her son Marco understands more about his mom’s service.

Captain Mama’s Surprise

“Captain Mama’s Surprise” is the award-winning, bilingual (English and Spanish) sequel to “Good Night Captain Mama.” Little Marco leads his class on a field trip to the KC-135R flying gas station where his mom works with her aircrew. Reading this book to my kids opened the door to share my experience of riding in a KC-10 air refueler with my boys when I was training to join the Air Force.

You can get both books and patches here. And Graciela recently ran a kick starter campaign for her third book in the series. Coming soon.

Mya the Soldier’s Daughter by Cathy-Ann Alexander

Cathy wanted to use her gift of writing to help share her daughter’s experience of having a mom deployed overseas. When she left for her deployment her daughter went to Canada to stay with Cathy’s sister. The book covers missing her mom and how a guardian angel helped her daughter feel safe and not worry about her mom. It also talked about the challenges of having a mom deploying overseas and living in a new place.

I Move A Lot and That’s Okay by Shermaine Perry-Knights

Looking for an engaging book to teach kids about rapid change and explain the military lifestyle? This is it! I Move A Lot and That’s Okay” teaches kids how to emotionally cope with relocation. Designed to build resilience and confidence in children, this picture book follows a bright-eyed girl in a military family as she shows the reader that she can embrace a new environment, language, and a different culture. Leaving their home and settling in another is tough on all kids. This is a great book to open up a conversation about moving.

When you are away by Dominique James Ed.D.

When a parent is away from home things are not the same. This book talks about how we miss those who are away and how families change. It is great for opening up a conversation about how hard it is for mom or dad to not be home.

What are your favorite children’s books when it comes to military kids? I would love to hear your recommendations.

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