Why you should celebrate your kids leaving home

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One of the hardest parts about being a mom in the military is missing out on time with our kids. Deployments, TDY’s, and long hours demand so much of our time that 18 years with our children doesn’t feel like enough. 

One day we are struggling to juggle work, home, and kids, and then the next, our babies are flying the nest preparing for their own adventures and sending out college graduation invites.  We are always prepared to be the ones to say “see you soon”, but how do we prepare when it’s our kids that are leaving? As much as we may want to grieve the ending of a chapter, there is a way we can prepare our hearts and mind to we can celebrate such a momentous occasion instead. 

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Celebrating their (and your) Accomplishments with College Graduation Invites

A child leaving the nest to be a responsible adult in society is perhaps the most important measure of success as a parent. It may be challenging to celebrate with all of your loved ones scattered across the globe, but with Basic Invite and their college graduation invites, it makes it surprisingly simple.  

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If you are wanting to keep the celebration small and intimate, shoot for a graduation dinner. These graduation dinner invitation’s are easy to personalize and will still make a simple event special. 

If you want to go a bit bigger for your child’s college graduation, then these college graduation invitations or open house invitations are a must. 

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4 tips to prepare for your Kids Departure

The military taught us how to say “goodbye” or “see you later” to our children, but we rarely thought about what it’s like to be on the receiving end. But surprisingly, the same tips apply to preparing for our children’s departure. As the adage by Benjamin Franklin goes “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. These 4 tips will help you prepare for your new chapter. Are you ready?

Make a plan. 

Whether your child is graduating high school, college, or basic training, making a plan will help the transition. What are the must-do’s on your child’s list? What are your must-do’s? Planning in advance also allows you to involve friends and family from previous assignments. Once you understand what needs to happen, you can schedule some extra fun stuff, like a going-away party, an open house, or even a graduation dinner. 

If the military has taught us anything, it is to prepare/plan in advance. 

Communicate Expectations.

It seems like every mother I’ve talked to always complains that their son doesn’t call them enough. Perhaps it’s a boy thing? Regardless, communicating expectations sets the tone. But be realistic. Don’t expect daily phone calls. Weekly phone calls at best are a good place to start. Discuss your wishes and listen to your child’s wishes (no surprise visits?). Communication is key

Lean on your community.

Don’t place your anxiety and worries on your child. They have their own concerns and worries.  Instead, lean on your spouse, your friends, or your community to help you get through this emotional time.

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First, we need to celebrate the occasion. What better way than to throw a party? You can use the college invitation invites to spread the word. But if COVID is still making in-person gatherings difficult, then designing your own personal announcement to share with the family is the best way to go. With announcements, you can still capture the moment and bonus – it includes your loved ones near and far. Don’t limit yourself, the possibilities are endless. 

Lastly, always remember that although your kid is leaving home, they still need you. You will always be there mom and nothing will change that. Have fun!

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