The Stories of Military Women and Women Veteran Authors

You might think that becoming an author just takes writing a book. But as I interviewed these women veteran authors for this week’s episode of the podcast I realized that it takes a lot more than having an idea and writing to have a successful book. The one theme that came out of this episode was humility and building a team to help you. This team could be one other person (an editor) or a group of people helping you build a successful book. And then to launch you once again have to rely on your network to help spread the word. Writing a book is a lot of work, but it is worth it. This interview includes six women authors, five who are veterans, and one who wrote the story of her grandmother who was a Women Air Force Service Pilot.

If you have ever considered writing a book this interview is for you. But if you are just looking for a good book to read here are some great books to check out.

The Stories of Military Women and Women Veteran Authors

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Laura Colbert – Sirens: How to Pee Standing Up

What was it like to deploy to Iraq as the war kicked off? Laura was the first wave of the invasion after the Marines. She talked about the whole experience in her book Sirens: How to Pee Standing Up which is based on the journal she kept while deployed overseas. In today’s interview, we talked about writing her book and what she learned along the way. You can listen to episode 87 of the Women of the Military Podcast where we talk about her experience in the military and dive deeper into her book.

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Erin Miller – Final Fight, Final Flight

Erin Miller is the granddaughter of WASP WWII pilot Elaine Danforth Harmon. She has a J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law, a Master’s in international studies from the University of Leeds (UK), and a B.A. in history from the University of California, San Diego. She is a licensed attorney in Maryland, where she lives with her two Shiba Inus. Erin has become an ambassador for the WASP of World War II by sharing her own story of honoring her grandmother who wanted to ensure future generations learn about the history of these trailblazing pilots. You can read more of both Erin and Elaine’s story in her book Final Fight, Final Fight. Listen to the full interview on the Women of the Military Podcast, episode 49.

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Kathy Gallowitz – Beyond Thank You for Your Service

“The Connector,” Kathy is the owner and Chief Innovator at Vanguard Veteran. She is a consultant, speaker, trainer, and coach. Mission: To equip civilians to become Veteran Champions. This is done by creating mutually-beneficial activities and services with Veterans that improves the quality of life, workforce, and community. It is her life’s calling to lead the Veteran Champion movement. As an Air Force Public Affairs Officer, she designed and led a never-been-done-before​ statewide outreach office for the Ohio National Guard to educate and engage civilians in support of troops and their families. She is an SHRM recertification provider and completed the SHRM Veterans at Work certification.

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Rojan Robotham – Working Moms How We Do It

Rojan joined the Air Force through a Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship. A guidance counselor had recognized her love of math and science and recommended she attended a math and science camp at the Air Force Academy. From that she learned about ROTC and received a four-year scholarship, but had to get her degree in Physics. She had a career in Science and Technology while in the military and talked about the challenges she faced to continue her military career and raise her children.

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Mari Eder – The Girls Who Stepped Out of Line and Changed the Course of WWII

The history of military women is fascinating when you have a chance to discover it. Gen Mari Eder was given a book on the women of the Civil War and she found it fascinating and wanted to learn more and is now working to share more stories of military women. Gen Eder has so much wisdom and I’m so glad she is sharing it in her new book and for the wisdom, she shared in Episode 70 of the Women of the Military Podcast.

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Shannon Polson – Grit Factor

As one of the first women to fly the Apache helicopter in the U.S. Army, Polson’s career spans almost a decade as an Army officer and attack aviation leader around the globe, as well as leading and managing in the corporate sector at Microsoft. Polson is committed to courageous, compassionate, and committed leadership for lives that matter.

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Do you have favorite books by women veteran authors? I would love to hear about them and why you loved them.

Want to hear stories by or written about women veterans? Check out these stories written by women veteran authors and other women sharing the stories of military women. #books #militarybooks #womenveteran #militarywomen

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