A Career in Science and Technology in the Military

Rojan joined the Air Force through a Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship. A guidance counselor had recognized her love of math and science and recommended she attended a math and science camp at the Air Force Academy. From that she learned about ROTC and received a four-year scholarship, but had to get her degree in Physics. She had a career in Science and Technology while in the military and talked about the challenges she faced to continue her military career and raise her children. She is the author of Working Moms How We Do It.

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Science and Technology in the Military

She completed ROTC and gained her degree in Physics. Next, she was assigned to Albuquerque, New Mexico to work in a lab. After that, she went to the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and got to go to the launch sites and learn about rockets. She loved that job and had so much fun. That job was followed by five years at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. She had met her husband in Virginia and they began their new life together. He was not in the military but was able to continue his career while following Rojan’s military career.

At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base she became a mom and enjoyed the flexibility the CDC provided on the base. And she felt like life was going pretty well. Next, she went to Command and Staff College with the Army at Fort Leavenworth. Upon arrival, she learned there were no childcare spots for her children. To find childcare she ended up driving the opposite way from work to drop her children off at childcare each day. Although she enjoyed the experience of attending CSC, it was hard to manage her work-life balance.

Sharing her story to help others

Her next assignment was to DC and she began planning for childcare once she found out about her assignment. And with that preparation things seemed to be going better. But then her third son was born. And life changed. She was struggling to get through it and one day when she had to leave work early to take care of her sick son she started a blog. She began talking about the challenges of work-life balance. This led to her book, Working Moms How We Do “It.” In the book, she interviews women who are moms in the military and women with high-level careers who are also moms. From the experience, she learned four pivotal things that she put in an acronym she termed as SOAR.

Today, Rojan continues to serve as a Colonel in the Air Force while balancing life as a mom and wife. She hopes to change the conversation around women in the military. She hopes to see a day, where women are not forced to sacrifice their families so they can continue to serve in the military.

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