Green to Gold in the Army

How do you go from flipping burgers at McDonald’s to serving as an Army Officer? Check out Andi’s story and how she went from Green to Gold when she joined the Army, worked on her degree at night, and became an officer.

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Green to Gold in the Army

Andi joined the National Guard, in high school and began going to college after high school, but she became a mom and was struggling to make ends meet working at McDonalds. She and her boyfriend at the time saw the military as an opportunity for a stable paycheck. Because she had completed boot camp and Advanced Individual Training the Army happily took her on active duty. But because she was a single parent she had to get married. So she got married to her son’s father and off they went to Ft. Bragg.

Her husband worked nights and she worked during the day and they continued to struggle to make ends meet living on an E-3 salary. Shortly after she joined the Army her husband decided to join the Army as well. This made it easier to make ends meet and get out of debt.

Green to Gold

She attended classes with the goal of becoming an officer. When she was accepted into the Green to Gold program and commissioned in the Army as a 2nd Lt in 2009. She and her husband also got a divorce and she began her new career in the military. Shortly after commissioning, she deployed to Afghanistan. She talked about how hard it was to leave her babies behind. She drove her kids to her x-husband’s house and dropped them off said goodbye and drove away. It was so painful she couldn’t drag it out.


Luckily, she was able to stay connected with her family back home through the technology available. She had a cell phone so she could call home and access to Wi-Fi. And though it was hard to be apart she was able to stay connected to her kids. She deployed again to Afghanistan in 2004. It was easier to be apart having already gone through one deployment.

Leaving the military during a pandemic

With her selection to Major Andi had the opportunity to go to school for nine months followed by a new assignment. She decided to pick her family over her career and transition out of the military. She had already began working her transition when COVID hit and changed everything she had planned. Her family was planning a big trip to Egypt to celebrate her retirement and it had to be canceled. She also had to shift her focus to find a new job as the career opportunities quickly changed when she left. It hasn’t been easy.

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