Brand Before Your Resume

Graciela Tiscanero-Sato shared her story of being a Navigator in the Air Force on the Women of the Military Podcast in Episode 29. She recently launched her book BRAND Before Your Resume that focusing on building a brand and helping you through life transitions. She shares her wisdom and insight she has gained from teaching various courses on transitioning and no matter if you are leaving the military, considering joining the military, or somewhere in between this book is for you.

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BRAND Before Your Resume

Graciela was lucky enough to connect with a few women who had served in the military and helped her transition and find a new career after leaving the military behind. They told her she needed to stop instead of driving forward and building a resume. Learn about what is available and then build a resume around what career you want. The military Transition Assistance Program pushes military members to speed through the discovery process and often pushes them to continue in the career field you are in. But it is better to stop and figure out what you want to do and find what will make you happy. Better to do this now than a year later when you end up in a place you don’t want to be.

Brand Before Your Resume

The best part about this book and this process is you can use it over and over. It can also be used for different purposes. Building a business, launching a product, getting a job. All these things can be done by following the processes in this book. It really is a great resource. And you can use it over and over again.

For entrepreneurs, it is great because you can tell a story behind your business. People don’t want to buy a product. They want to buy from a person. So, if you can incorporate who you are into your product it will drive sales.

Everyday examples

We discussed the challenges of the Transition Assitance Program and how it doesn’t help members stop realizing what they want to do. Instead, it pushes members to meet metrics. Then we talked about my experience of using my brand and my vision to help me say yes or no to opportunities. Recently I went through an interview process and I ran past my goals and got excited about getting paid. My husband grounded me. He brought me back to reality. And he reminded me about why I started my business. It was easy to say no to the opportunity because I knew where I wanted to go.


We ended the interview talking about what the BRAND in Brand Before Your Resume Stands for Become Relevant Authentic Noticeable and Differentiated. I loved this interview because it was a mix of Graciela sharing her story while also covering my experience. It was almost like watching her coaching process in action. I loved she handed questions back to me.

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Did you leave the military feeling lost? TAP doesn't prepare you for the next stage, but Graciela has a new way check it out in her book BRAND Before Your Resume #resume #transition #militarylife #miltiary #leavingthemilitary

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