From Secret Squirrel to Wordsmith

Before you leave for deployment you have to mentally prepare. One of the hardest parts of leaving for a deployment is being brave for your family and friends. We talk about how hard it is to say goodbye to family knowing it might be the last time and how important dealing with your emotions is.

From Secret Squirrel to Wordsmith

Sarah joined the military as a way to pay for college using the ROTC program. She got her degree in a foreign language and was hoping to use her skills as an Intel Officer, but found out instead there would be a lot of public speaking which she didn’t like.

At her first assignment, September 11th happened. She said the changes to the military were noticeable and she went from the work she was doing to help stand up the Combat Support for the F-16s patrolling the American skies.

Leave for deployment to Saudi Arabia

Next, she helped prepare for the Iraq War and deployed to Saudi Arabia for the initial invasion. She was far enough away to not be in danger but worked long hours seven days a week.

Three years later she deployed to Afghanistan and was stationed in Kabul. She talked about the growing tension and the violence that came to Kabul while she was there. She shared about SFC Meredith Howard who died in the same roundabout she had been in hours before by an IED.

Leave the military

It was during her deployment she decided to leave the military. The military was offering bonuses to get out of the military, she had met a guy who was in the military and wanted to start a family, and was set to deploy again shortly after arriving home since her commander had written her assignment as voluntary when she hadn’t volunteered.

We covered the struggle of transitioning and the challenge of being a woman veteran. We also covered the first-hand experience women veterans who are military spouses understand when standing next to their spouses and are discounted for their service.

The final piece of advice

She ended the interview to say, that the military changed her life in ways that made her who she is today. She had the best and worst experiences. Add quote

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From Secret Squirrel to Wordsmith







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