Empowering Women through storytelling

Kerri is empowering women through storytelling. Kerri also has a podcast sharing the stories of military women (Freedom Sisters Podcast) and this week she launched Freedom Sisters Magazine. Hear the story behind the women making a positive impact on military women.

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Kerri found herself as a mom of three about to be a single mom with an opportunity to join the military. She decided to take the opportunity to join and began her military career. She served on active duty within the Missouri National Guard. Within six years of being in the National Guard she went from Enlisted to Officer. When her unit was deployed, they needed a Public Affairs Officer and she said yes to the opportunity and deployed to Iraq as a Public Affairs Officer. She shared stories of her experience in Iraq and the stories she was able to cover.

Coming home from deployment

When she came home from the deployment, she moved to Maryland to be closer to her kids and life seemed to be going well. Then the government shut down and she was furloughed and eventually lost her job. She frantically searched for a new job and moved again this time to Washington. Eventually, she got a part-time job and filled in her income bartending and eventually became full time.

She learned about Ms. Veteran American competition and competed in 2013 and was the second runner up and then took home the title in 2015. She went back on active duty National Guard in 2014 while serving as Ms. Veteran America. Through her advocacy work, she learned about the challenges military women and veterans face.

Life changes

She was working to become one of the first women to be in a combat role in her state when she found out she was pregnant. This unexpected, but a joyful event, changed her focus and she made the hard choice to leave the military behind so she could be home with her infant. Her husband continued to serve and is now retired.

Empowering Women through sharing stories

Out of a dream she decided to launch Freedom Sisters Media and now runs a podcast and media company. There are a number of transitioning resources out there, but there is still a void in the spiritual aspect of living in the military. Kerri is working to fill that gap and make an impact.

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Kerri Jeter is on a mission to tell the stories of military women. She is host of the Freedom Sisters Podcast and the creator of Freedom Sisters Magazine. #podcast #militarypodcast #militarywomen

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