Being in the Military Band

Did you know you can serve in the military as a band member? But it isn’t as easy as going to your local recruiter and signing up to serve in the military band. In today’s episode with Charlan Rieve, she talks about the process (outside of COVID) for joining the military band.

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Joining the Military Band

Charlan served in the US Air Force as a clarinetist. In her role she organized, performed and supported community outreach events as well as internal military events. Her military career began after she completed a Bachelor’s and Masters of Music degrees. She won a national audition as a civilian and after being selected went to Basic Training. After graduating from Basic Training she reported to the Band of the US Air Force Reserve in Warner Robins AFB, GA.

Just over a year later, she quickly transitioned to the US Air Forces in Europe Band at Ramstein AB, Germany as a newlywed. While in Europe, she became a mom, learned how to breastfeed in combat boots and discovered a new desire to stick with one enlistment to spend time with her young children after completing her military commitment.

From AF to Civilian

She performed her last concert as a Senior Airman with the US Air Force Academy Band at Peterson AFB, Colorado. Then she moved her growing family back to the Greater Atlanta Area in Georgia. In the three years following active-duty military service, Charlan has homeschooled her two sons, tutored private K-12 and adult students, and written resumes and supporting materials for other service-members in transition as well as civilians.

Lessons Learned Podcast

Currently, she is on the team for a new podcast, “Lessons Learned for Vets” designed to give transitioning veterans actionable plans through stories shared by veterans who have gone before, experienced success, and dealt with setbacks. “Lessons Learned for Vets” launched on November 11th, 2020.

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Being in the Military Band







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