7 Benefits of Military Life

There are a number of benefits of military life. If you are considering joining the military you should know the benefits and the disadvantages of military life. I working to help young women answer their questions about military life with my YouTube channel Girl’s Guide to the Military. If you are considering joining the military check out my free Girl’s Guide to the Military and see all the videos I have created on my channel. And if you have questions about military life comment below and I can help you answer your questions.

Benefits of Military life

7 Benefits of Military Life


Many people think of the GI Bill when they are thinking about the advantages of military life when it comes to education, but the truth is this is only one of the many educational benefits available to its members.

I attended college and had a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship that helped pay for college and I was able to graduate debt-free from college. I also still have the GI Bill to use now that my service is complete for a Masters Degree.


When you talk to people about their favorite part of military life many people say the people you meet. The military puts a bunch of strangers together who can sometimes become like a family. The military enables you to create a unique bond of friendship because of the various challenges you can face in the military.


Travel is a part of military life and if you love to travel it is a benefit of military life. Depending on your career field and where you are assigned will determine how much you will travel/move around the country or the world. You also have the opportunity to see different things around each place you are assigned.



On January 1st, 2019, the Blended Retirement System came online. Now when you serve on active duty the military will match up to 5% of your base pay. Members are automatically enrolled contributing 1% into their Thrift Saving Plan, members can decrease or increase the amount throughout their career. There is still a twenty-year pension program as well.

Health Care

Health care benefits are an important advantage to serving in the military. The military health care is free and does not require co-pays or any out of pocket fee. Both health coverage and prescriptions are included.

Leadership/Career Training

There are a number of trainings you will complete during your military training. These trainings and certifications will not only help you with your career in the military, but also once you leave military service.

Being Part of Something Bigger than Yourself

The military gives its members a mission. This mission can help members to know what they need to do each day. Being part of something bigger than yourself is a rewarding part of serving in the military. This lack of mission when you leave the military can be hard when transitioning.

What benefit of military life resonated with you? What questions about military life do you have?

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