Being a Dentist in the Military

Did you know you can become a dentist in the military? Even better when you become a dentist in the military they will pay for your school. This can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and you can jump-start your career working for the military. Check out this week’s episode with Corinne Devin who is a Commander in the US Navy.

Dentist in the Military


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Dental Corps

Corinne was born overseas and lived on six different military bases while her father CDR (retired) Robert F. Devin served in the Dental Corps. Nine generations of a distinguished Naval family preceded Corinne. It inspired her to pursue a career in the United States Navy. She deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2009 to Al Asad, Iraq. She has also enjoyed her travel to over 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Naval Career

Her naval career started at Naval Medical Center San Diego as a resident. It was followed by an operational tour with 13th Dental Company MCAS Miramar. From there she was an orthodontic resident at Lackland Air Force Base. Upon graduation, she transferred to USNH Yokosuka, Japan. She served as the division officer in orthodontics managing two practices on two islands and continued to Naval Medical Center San Diego as Chair of Orthodontics.

She is the Department Head of Dental Specialties and the sole orthodontic provider. There she proudly serves the military active duty members and their families. She currently lives in Catania, Sicily, Italy. And has a love for fitness, travel, and pageantry.

Connect with Devin:

Youtube: Dr. Corinne Devin
Linkedin: Corinne Devin

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Dentist In the Military







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