MOAA is more than Advocacy

This Episode in Partnership with the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA). 

Since 1929, MOAA’s mission has been to protect your earned military benefits. Through tireless advocacy, they have forged a legacy of success benefiting the entire military community. Become a member today, click here.

Women of the Military Podcast MOAA is more than Advocacy

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Today’s guest, Rachel Johnson is currently serving in the US Coast Guard and is part of MOAA’s Advisory Committee.  Rachel began her career in the military in the Marines. She enlisted and served for eight years before becoming an officer in the US Coast Guard. The thing she says she is most proud of from her career is seeing the Marines and Coasties who have worked under her succeeding in life. She hopes she had a small part to play in their ability to move forward and have success. She also enjoyed working on Hurricane Response with the Coast Guard. It was one of her first assignments and was a quick way to dive into the role and scope of the Coast Guard.

MOAA Advisory Committee

Rachel serves on the MOAA Active Duty Advisory Committee. She applied for the position while living in Northern Virginia. She loves that she represents not only the Coast Guard but military women. Her husband a male military spouse also has his voice heard through her representation. The goal of the advisory committee is to give a voice to military members to help keep MOAA aware of current issues service members and military spouses face. There is also a Military Spouse Advisory Committee.

Storm the Hill

MOAA is active in Advocacy on Capitol Hill and one of the responsibilities of Committee members is being part of the annual storm the hill event. Storming the Hill means a number of MOAA members and spouses come to Capitol Hill on a specific day. Then they talk to Congress members about various legislations that are being worked. When Rachel stormed the hill in 2019, they were advocating for removing the Widow’s Tax. And through the advocacy of MOAA and others, the legislation was changed. She also was able to participate virtually, due to COVID. She had a chance to meet with a congresswoman who normally didn’t meet with MOAA members because the MOAA representative was often a white male. Through her advocacy, she was able to bring a diverse voice to the table and help represent more military members.

But MOAA is more than Advocacy

Next, we discuss some of the benefits of being an MOAA member ranging from transition services, hiring symposiums, scholarships, no-interest loans, the Military Officer Magazine, and numerous virtual webinars. MOAA does so much on Capitol Hill, but that is only the beginning of the story of the work MOAA does. 

Why Join MOAA

MOAA needs all Officers to join to ensure their voice is heard. You can become a free member though the BASIC membership where you will be informed through newsletters of the work being done, can be involved in chapter and council membership, and have exclusive discounts on products and travel. If you want to get more out of your membership look into the Premium and Life Membership options. Benefits include scholarships, interest-free loans and grants, advice on financial education, military pay, and benefits, career transition, and a monthly subscription to the Military Officer Magazine. Check out all levels of membership here.

Mentioned in this Episode

Join MOAA Today!

Widow Tax Repeal

Transition Services

Health Care

Exclusive Discounts

Hiring Symposiums

MOAA Job Board


No Interest Loans and Grants

Military Officer Magazine

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